BroadSign Connect

BroadSign Connect

It pays to be connected.


BroadSign Connect is a first of its kind in the digital signage sector. When a network running on BroadSign’s standard, advertiser-friendly platform opts-in to BroadSign Connect, unsold ad inventory is able to generate incremental revenue with little risk. BroadSign Connect is currently integrated with the Vistar Media programmatic media buying platform.

BroadSign Connect is easy to install and can be evaluated at no cost, given that the network operator is not charged for the service until a revenue-generating ad is accepted and played through the platform. BroadSign Connect is backed by full BroadSign support and maintenance, making it seamless, intuitive and reliable to operate. 

What is programmatic media buying?

Programmatic media buying consists of the transactions between media buyers and owners through new technologies to improve discovery, negotiation and workflow. It is appreciated for its ease, efficiency and delivery of analytics.

In the United States alone, programmatic ad buys are expected to grow from $7.4 billion to $17 billion in 2017, representing 83% of American display-related digital media spending. (Magna Global)

To learn more about the status of programmatic media buying in digital signage, please see “Mad Men versus Math Men” and “Get With the Program(matic Ad Buying)”.

*BroadSign Connect is currently available to qualifying American networks only.