BroadSign Core Digital Signage Software

BroadSign Core

BroadSign’s digital signage software is the most advanced and complete cloud-based platform for managing digital signage networks. Our sophisticated, rules-based campaign automation increases network operating efficiency, decreases costs and reduces errors.

BroadSign Player

BroadSign Player weaves content and campaigns scheduled in BroadSign Administrator into smart campaigns of varying formats, from imagines and video to HTML and Flash. Uptime is maximized through self-healing and minimizes headaches by using thresholds to reduce notifications for low priority issues. New content is automatically uploaded from BroadSign Cloud and software upgrades comply with the most stringent IT security policies.

BroadSign Administrator

Use BroadSign Administrator to perform your network operations functions: verify availability, reserve inventory, schedule content, prove campaign performance, monitor network health and obtain troubleshooting assistance. To best help you scale, create an unlimited number of user accounts with varying permission levels at no additional charge.

BroadSign Cloud

BroadSign Cloud is managed by BroadSign and built to scale to a nearly unlimited capacity. Build your network structure using BroadSign Administrator, schedule campaigns on BroadSign Cloud and focus on other tasks as BroadSign Player synchronizes with BroadSign Cloud to ensure it plays the most recent changes in BroadSign Administrator.

BroadSign Edge Server

BroadSign Edge Server is a content caching software that works on any commodity PC running Windows or Linux and optimizes how groups of BroadSign Players or other BroadSign Edge Servers obtain their content from BroadSign Cloud. Use BroadSign Edge Server to download your files on the local area network at a faster speed than over the Internet.

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