Digital Signage Content Management

Digital Signage Content Management

Stay ahead of schedule.

If you could avoid sitting in a traffic jam by taking another lane, chances are you would. So why waste time and money by managing playlists when BroadSign’s software offers a fast lane by doing it for you? Keeping content current has never been easier thanks to BroadSign’s digital signage content management features.


Campaign Execution.

Manual playlists are inflexible and require a large content management team. BroadSign uses an intelligent rules-based automated scheduling system that has your network do the work for you. BroadSign Player dynamically builds its own content loop based on what you want and automatically adapts as new content is added or removed, making last minute campaign changes a simple task even if thousands of players are affected.

  • Input category separation rules so that similar or competing content do not play back to back.
  • Use segmentation rules to group themed editorial content together.
  • Play triggered and/or conditional campaigns only when external factors are met.
  • Rely on priority-based content that will automatically remove itself when ad inventory is booked.
  • Produce individual proof of play reports for each campaign.

Complex Scheduling.

Campaigns facilitate digital signage content management by allowing you to accommodate detailed and specific client requirements.

  • Automatically rotate content for campaigns that have multiple content pieces.
  • Play different content based on time of day or day of week.
  • Automatically adjust loops to new content without the need for intervention.
  • Charge a premium during peak viewership hours using day parting.
  • Combine with triggers or conditions for even more dynamic scheduling.

Conditional Playback.

Don’t settle for software that simply delivers content to screens. BroadSign’s platform automatically adapts its loop to include contextually relevant content based on feedback from third party systems.

  • Automatically add or remove content based on external conditions such as gender, weather conditions, traffic status and GPS location.
  • Target advertisers’ desired demographic so that messaging is more relevant and entertaining.
  • Incorporate specialised programming without increasing scheduling complexity.

Content Formats.

BroadSign Player supports nearly every content format available by working with industry standard affordable content creation software such as Adobe’s Creative Cloud.

  • BroadSign Player supports a wide range of industry standard content formats for both video and dynamic content.
  • Effortless integration into your creative teams’ workflow with no new tools to learn.
  • Easy to incorporate existing content libraries and elements.
  • Professional tools often cost less and do more than digital signage vendor content tools.

Content Templates.

Seamlessly integrate locally generated content with regional and national campaigns by leveraging our rules-based campaign automation and BroadSign Creator.

  • Avoid painful playlist micromanagement for each individual venue.
  • Reduce overhead by granting venue owners direct control of several slots in the loop playing on their screens.
  • Allocate partial or complete control of a display zone or content loop to the location owner.
  • Quickly produce and publish messages with a simple and intuitive user interface.
  • Optional approval stage for user-created content with email notifications.


Engaging the audience is of high importance for a digital signage network. BroadSign provides multiple features that allow the audience to interact with any number of screens around them.

  • Monitor audience interactions to see what content is most effective.
  • Play an ad-based screensaver on your interactive kiosk when it is not in use.
  • Make any content interactive with our interactive frame setting.

Screen Layout.

It is often advantageous to “zone” your screens when a digital signage deployment’s main purpose is to provide timely information. BroadSign Player can break the display into as many display zones as required.

  • Create and target an unlimited number of display zones with a mix of content types.
  • Switch between multi-zone and full screen layout depending on the campaign.
  • Layer zones on top of each other for easy branding (e.g. superimpose your logo on the bottom right of the screen).
  • Decide between percentage control for mixed resolution networks or per pixel accuracy.

Special Events.

Easily override default scheduling with event campaigns for promotions and time sensitive messaging. Event scheduling overrides the original content at a specific time and returns to where it left off.

  • Play any number of messages at a scheduled time for special events and promotions.
  • Repeat events daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.
  • Perfect for one-off exceptions to regular schedules with minimal work involved.