Digital Signage in Transit

Digital Signage in Transit

BroadSign's Transit Vertical

Digital signage in transit is a perfectly situated medium for communicating with a society that is increasingly on-the-go. Digital displays can assist with everything from way finding in large stations and terminals or notifying travelers of revised departure time to advertising nearby restaurants, hotels and attractions.

BroadSign offers a cloud-based platform, meaning that installation and maintenance of an IT infrastructure is not necessary and players can be activated on demand. While this feature is optimal for digital displays in the transit sector, other advantages of BroadSign’s software include:


  • Conditions: Utilize your player’s Internet connection to provide consistently new information to viewers on-the-go, so that a lottery jackpot advertisement only plays if the potential win is above a certain number.
  • Content Formats: Supporting a broad range of content that can be played within the same campaign and even the same frame, such as static images, video and Flash.
  • Dynamic Content: Refresh ads that consistently play in a loop by modifying them with current information. For example, local radio stations can broadcast the current song to a passing driver.
  • Multi-screen Synchronization and Domination: Synchronize screens to play content at the same time or enable one brand to take over all screens at once. This is especially effective in transit hubs such as airports and bus stations.
  • News and Weather: Update patients on current events and forecasts as they wait to meet with their doctor, reducing perceived dwell time and preventing the loop from becoming stale with content that is not frequently refreshed.
  • Rules-based Automation: Use segmentation to group themed content together and separation to ensure that similar or competing content is not played back to back.

Digital Signage: Transit


  • Inventory Management: Monitor the amount of time left in loops to make the most of advertising revenue and ensure that your sales team is concentrating on the right screens.
  • Priorities: Maximize your loop’s profitability with automatic reorganization of preferred and remnant ads. Once your loop is full, low priority spots can be removed to make room for ads of greater importance.
  • Proof of Play: Deliver accurate proof of performance reports to advertisers in industry standard formats. Why should they pay without proof?
  • Targeting: Network operators can target national, regional, local or any other grouping of screens with complete freedom and flexibility.

Powerful, Flexible and Reliable

  • Redundancy: Our platform has provided 99.999% uptime over the past 10 years. What’s more, our players continue to function if the server is unavailable.
  • User-based Access and Permissions: In addition to granting access to an overall administrator and an unlimited amount of local managers, job specific log-ins ensure that the network’s IT contact is made aware of technical issues or an agency representative is notified of content requirements.


Why We Chose BroadSign” – Eric Heatzig, Vice President of Technology, Outcast

“It is a deeply complex task to install screens, fed with new content in real time, on buses. To overcome this challenge, our partnership with BroadSign is of paramount importance to our company. BroadSign’s technology guarantees that the feeding of content to our hundreds of screens installed on buses will be done with the utmost reliability and quality.”
– Ricardo Espirito Santo, Director of Operations, Onbus Digital