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Flex your network’s creativity with Broadsign Core 12.1

Flex your network’s creativity with Broadsign Core 12.1

Samantha Brault|

Broadsign Core is now Broadsign Control. 

With bold creatives, dynamic content and the ability to target campaigns, digital out-of-home is one of the most creative, eye-catching and fastest growing advertising mediums. This, combined with the recent launch of programmatic buying options, makes DOOH a very attractive option for media buyers and advertisers to engage their audiences.

To ensure your network is ready to support every creative endeavour, we’ve launched a new version of our digital signage software, Broadsign Core 12.1. Using flexible technology focused on campaign success, your network will continue to push the boundaries of DOOH to offer brands the most modern way to reach their audience.

Offer advertisers more with improved programmatic campaign capabilities

As programmatic gains traction in the industry, media buyers are looking for even more exciting ways to reach their audience. And while a single screen has the ability to catch a viewer’s attention, multiple screens can create a truly immersive experience.

Broadsign Core 12.1 has updated features to enable programmatic media buyers to do more with their campaign by leveraging features unique to DOOH. Synchronized, multi-screen packages for dramatic location takeovers can now be configured for programmatic sales. Campaign content can also be pre-loaded for advertisers to make a splash at a particular time and place.

Be more creative with enhanced dynamic content support

Dynamic content is one of the main reasons DOOH stands out from its static counterpart. Social feeds, mobile integrations and interactive content encourage audience participation, while data, including location details and audience demographics, can be used to keep a campaign fresh and relevant.

To support the latest in dynamic content, Broadsign Core 12.1 now offers:

  • Smoother playback and enhanced HTLM5 capabilities with the Chromium 59 update and WebGL support
  • 3G and 4G network synchronization to ensure that multi-screen campaigns remain perfectly timed, even over cellular networks
  • Geolocation variables for location-aware content

Customize your network with improved APIs

To support your network’s own creative developments and success, Broadsign Core 12.1 makes it easier to develop and deploy custom integrations. A new REST based API has been added to the existing SOAP based API and more intuitive, dynamically generated API documentation is now available.

We have also added two new APIs:

  • Upload and download API: content can now be synced directly with the server rather than through a third-party URL
  • Screen suspend resume local API: allows player-side applications to suspend or resume the connected screen through the Broadsign Player.

Protect your network with added security

To ensure that unwanted third-parties don’t get creative with your screens, Broadsign Core 12.1 includes additional layers of security for you to be in full control of your network.

  • IP whitelisting for Broadsign Administrator and Broadsign Creator
  • HTTPS protocols for Broadsign Creator
  • Duplicate MAC protection to block players with fake MAC addresses from being registered

Improve cinema experiences with enhanced pre-show support

Cinema pre-shows give moviegoers the blockbuster experience even before the film starts. With Broadsign Core 12.1, cinemas can now offer augmented pre-show capabilities, including:

  • 5.1 audio support
  • Integration of pre-show programmatic buys – the system adapts the playlist to meet showtimes
  • Better monitoring and reporting between the Broadsign platform and automation (Jnior) platforms

Report impression-based audience analytics

For networks that want to report on impression-based campaigns, Broadsign Core 12.1 reporting now syncs with Broadsign Serv Direct’s granular audience data.

Dive into Broadsign Core 12.1

Our latest features are complementary to those from our previous release, Broadsign Core 12.0, which was designed to help you scale your network and access new revenue streams.

To learn more about what Broadsign Core 12.1 can do for your network, get in touch.