Gain audience and contextual targeting capabilities in your direct sales with Broadsign’s DOOH Ad Server

July 10, 2023Juliana Lai

In a 2021 survey, the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) found that 62% of audiences not only want but expect personalized ads from brands. Most advertisers, including those in the out-of-home (OOH) space, have responded to this shift in consumer expectations by adopting an audience-based approach, with only 8% reported in 2021 not currently employing any. 

Previously, audience-based buying in OOH was primarily conducted through programmatic digital out-of-home (pDOOH), as direct selling lacked the capabilities and flexibility to support this. However, the emergence of DOOH ad servers has facilitated the adoption of this new practice in direct selling. As audience-based buying continues to grow, buyers will look to work with media owners with the capabilities and expertise to support them today.

Meet the targeting needs of today’s advertisers

Today’s programmatic buyers expect access to data targeting when running a digital campaign, which remains true in OOH. In fact, 40% of programmatic campaigns deployed through Broadsign leverage audience data to deliver campaigns (source: Broadsign Programmatic Administrative Site and Transaction Archive). Leveraging data across specific touchpoints throughout the path to purchase can help increase ad relevancy to the audience’s environment and in turn, better align with the advertiser’s objectives.

With Broadsign’s DOOH Ad Server, you can gain sophisticated targeting tools and sell audience-based campaigns as part of your direct sales strategy. Moreover, with access to new ways of selling, you can help your existing customers meet today’s buying trends while attracting new omnichannel buyers. By speaking the same language as other advertising touchpoints, omnichannel and digital buyers are more likely to consider incorporating DOOH in their strategies. Positioning yourself today as a media owner with experience selling audience-based campaigns in the out-of-home space is what will differentiate you from your competitors and help you secure ad dollars from new buyers. 

Reach the right audience at the right time with contextual triggers

So why are advertisers so crazed about audience-based advertising? Because it allows them to spend their ad dollars more effectively by reaching only the most relevant audience segments. In fact, ANA’s survey reported that 74% of advertisers believe that audience-based buying effectively reaches key consumer groups. When looking at the sales effectiveness of audience-based buying, 62% of advertisers say that it can increase sales. 

With access to anonymized aggregated data that enables you to target specific audience segments based on audience demographics, buying patterns or behavioural trends, our ad server ensures that you only reach prospective customers. Plus, with campaigns dynamically served based on the screens that best meet campaign objectives and contextual triggers, like audiences, points of interest, and weather or financial moments, your buyer’s ads will only be seen at the ideal time and place. 

Gain more flexibility and agility when creating campaigns

Traditionally, OOH campaigns built through direct sales not only required significant lead times to deploy but also locked in advertisers for long-term commitments. Now with the ad server, you can create a campaign from proposal to deployment in a matter of minutes. You also have more flexibility than ever by being able to adjust your budget and pause and start your campaign when needed. The agility provided by our ad server allows you to respond to unexpected changes and ensure you remain on target to hit campaign objectives.

Here’s our senior product manager, Maxime Deleris, with a quick demo on just how easy it is to build out an audience-based campaign with our ad server:

Building out an audience-based campaign on Broadsign’s DOOH Ad Server

Moreover, the added flexibility in campaign delivery with our new ad server can help you maximize screen fill rates by selling the unsold inventory from your direct and programmatic campaigns. Think of the end-of-month ad space or the awkward gaps between two guaranteed campaigns – if you could fill those gaps and turn them into added revenue, would you? 

Ensure you’re hitting campaign objectives with real-time reporting

The measurement and reporting of a campaign’s performance is arguably the most important step of an ad campaign. It allows you to see what worked and, most importantly, what didn’t, ensuring that ad dollars are being used effectively to meet business goals. Our ad server provides you with real-time data to make quick changes to ongoing campaigns. With access to post-campaign reports, you can give buyers better visibility on their campaign performance, enabling them to adjust their strategies.

Here’s Maxime again with another demo on just how granular or broad you can go with our real-time reporting: 

Real-time reporting with Broadsign’s DOOH Ad Server

With the ad server made available as part of the Broadsign Platform, you can sell guaranteed, programmatic and audience-based campaigns all in one place. Acting as modules with a unified notion of users and inventory means you can switch between our solutions seamlessly, allowing you to incorporate as much as you want of the different sales channels. 

Want to incorporate audience-based campaigns into your sales strategy? Get started with our DOOH ad server today.

Juliana Lai
Juliana Lai

Product Marketing Content Specialist

Juliana has been a part of Broadsign’s marketing team since 2022, where she specializes in product-focused content tailored for OOH media owners. In her free time, you can find her on her potter’s wheel making ceramics or climbing a rock.