BroadSign Core Digital Signage Software

The Power of Automation.

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BroadSign Core Digital Signage Software

Making and scheduling playlists is time-consuming. Monitoring your network requires valuable resources. Growing a network involves additional work. Manually running and maintaining a digital signage network based on playlists becomes burdensome.

BroadSign Core streamlines your digital signage management workflow. Rules-based automation enables playlist-free content distribution, our self-healing platform avoids the need for costly field technicians, and our commitment to scalability enables you to grow your network with ease. Let BroadSign Core do the work for you.


  • Managing networks of any size in a matter of hours per week is possible when using automated workflows. By assigning rules to content that enters the system, BroadSign Core automatically manages content playback.
  • Running your network on a per-player basis requires micromanagement of individual playlists. Let our platform do the work for you.

Enterprise API’s

  • BroadSign’s APIs are the most robust and widely used in the industry, with over 30 integrations into bespoke back-office systems, booking tools, CRM’s, IT systems and business automation systems.
  • Player-side XML and WebSockets API’s allow for powerful scriptability and playback control.

BroadSign Core Digital Signage Software


  • An extensive selection of reports is necessary for optimal network performance, helping operations teams monitor activity and sales teams prove ad performance to their clients.
  • Our reports are trusted by the world’s largest digital out-of-home networks to prove delivery and playback of content.
  • BroadSign Core’s aggregated reports can be white-labelled and bring the important details to the surface, which drastically reduces data loss when analyzing raw reports.


  • As part of BroadSign Core’s cloud-based offerings, updates occur more frequently than other platforms and at no extra charge – keeping your network at the height of the industry’s latest innovations.
  • Boasting a plethora of features geared to a variety of verticals and business models, you can say “yes” to any customer requirement, from synchronization to interactive and dynamic content.
  • The industry’s most modern platform, driven by the industry leaders. Incorporates the latest in HTML5 and media playback technology.


  • Rest assured your network is safe in our hands. BroadSign Core powers the most viewed displays in the world and we take this responsibility seriously.
  • Consistent security tests and penetration audits keep our platform at the forefront of best practices in security. BroadSign Core consistently scores very well on security tests performed by third parties such as Lexsi SAS and IBM.

Safe choice for scale

  • BroadSign Core was designed for large-scale networks from the get-go, bringing focus and expertise unrivalled by smaller providers or proprietary digital divisions.
  • BroadSign has been voted the #1 digital signage software vendor for over five years by DailyDOOH and the market leader by Frost & Sullivan. Joining a customer base of the largest and most premium networks means your business is in safe hands and good company as you grow.