local content

Effortlessly create and display location-specific digital signage content across your network

local content that works in a global network with broadsign creator

Unique content for unique locations

Centrally manage your network while also enabling individual locations to quickly and easily create, schedule and display content unique to their customers, business and community.

Office hours

Regional pricing

Upcoming events

Offered services

Community news

Employee updates

A unified look and feel

Any number of screens, any distance apart. Broadsign Creator ensures that every location follows your branding guidelines with easy-to-use templates that support text, images, video and Flash.

Add value to your network locations

Offer local offices and administrators a more complete solution by enabling them to update and manage their own content on their own time. Broadsign Creator can also be whitelabeled with your colours and logo to maintain your network’s branding.

Quickly launch emergency messaging

Display safety instructions, directions to the nearest exit and other emergency messaging in a matter of seconds.

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