BroadSign Mobile

BroadSign Mobile

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BroadSign Mobile is a technology agnostic, dynamically generated mobile experience seamlessly integrated into BroadSign’s existing digital signage campaign workflow and proof of performance metrics system.

BroadSign Mobile


BroadSign Mobile is…

  • An easy way for users to interact with your DOOH display through any mobile technology that works with URLs. Think QR codes, NFC, beacons and even SMS.

  • A dynamic mobile menu based on real-time mobile-enabled campaigns running on your DOOH display. Upon interaction, the menu is loaded on the viewer’s smartphone and can be engaged with immediately or at a later time.

  • A means of tracking impressions along with interactions in a single BroadSign report.

  • Incorporated in our CMS – schedule your campaign in BroadSign Administrator, select an image, designate where it goes and continue as per usual.

  • A reason to sell DOOH in the rapidly increasing mobile ad dollar bucket.


Recommended Mobile Marketing Solutions Provider.

BroadSign has integrated with Blue Bite to bring BroadSign Mobile campaigns into Blue Bite’s widget menu, enabling enhanced features such as infotainment and deeper analytics.

Please complete the form below to be connected with a Blue Bite representative who can assist you with mobile marketing using the BroadSign platform.