BroadSign Serv Direct

Work less, sell more.

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Creating a proposal doesn’t have to feel like writing a science paper. BroadSign Serv Direct expedites the DOOH sales workflow by eliminating spreadsheets, allowing your sales team to instantly surface the details matching client requirements. Generate proposals in a snap and reduce the multiple exchanges that drag out a deal.

Strengthen your effective CPM by allowing more accurate and flexible targeting of inventory and audiences.


Remove spreadsheets to expedite the proposal process so you can respond to client requests instantly and increase your close rate.


Optimize your inventory to ensure the highest yield at all times.


Reduce operational complexity between departments to increase efficiency.


BroadSign Serv Direct offers the following high-level functionality to our clients:

  • Real-time inventory availability
  • Easy proposal generation
  • Rate card implementation
  • Audience-based targeting
  • Dynamic package creation
  • Sales Management
  • Efficient workflow between Sales and Traffic/Operations