Digital Signage Audience Measurement

You want the truth? We know you can handle it.

Which is why Broadsign has partnered with the leading provider of automated audience measurement, Quividi. Not only are accurate viewer impressions included in our Proof of Performance Reports, the technology can be used in real-time to alter a loop’s content based on gender.


Recommended Automated Audience Measurement Provider

Use the broadsign-Quividi integration to gather real-time information about your audience, play targeted campaigns, automatically collect viewership counts and demographics for each piece of content, and include viewer impressions in reporting.

Access the truth through Quividi proof.

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Recommended Digital Signage Analytics Provider

Providing real-time reporting for digital signage, Linkett’s measurement system and sensors seamlessly work with Broadsign’s software platform for easy visualization of ad campaigns. Understand the success of your advertising through impressions, dwell time, frequency and conversions, all in one convenient report.

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