Digital Signage Content Providers

For those who deem digital signage wallpaper unacceptable.

Relevant and engaging content is crucial to effective digital signage campaigns. As such, BroadSign has aligned with leading content providers to provide networks with everything from news and weather feeds to social media integration and custom media.


Recommended Content Provider.

The Digital Signage Content Store automatically keeps your screens engaging and fresh with 100+ content channels (such as weather, news and infotainment) in more than ten languages. Content is licensed, pre-designed, customizable and reliable, and can be integrated into BroadSign in under ten minutes.

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Recommended Social Media Solution Provider.

TINT enables the incorporation of social media feeds in DOOH campaigns, increasing your network’s ability to engage with viewers onsite and online.

Learn how to enrich your digital out-of-home content with social media (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Youtube, Linkedin and Pinterest).

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Recommended Interactive Content Provider.

BroadSign’s interactive content partner, TMTFactory, supplies customers with multimedia content and consulting services. TMTFactory digitized the FCBarcelona Megastore and Desigual retail outlets in Spain using the BroadSign platform.

Let TMTFactory assist you with interactive content.

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Recommended Wayfinding Provider.

ViaDirect’s interactive wayfinding system is seamlessly integrated with BroadSign’s software. DOOH network operators can incorporate ViaDirect for 3D wayfinding with intuitive multi-floor paths and a customizable user interface.

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Recommended Smart Content Provider.

A member of the BroadSign ecosystem, BlueFox provides our customers with digital signage content in a variety of languages. BlueFox’s real-time content feeds include news, weather and horoscopes.

Learn how to buy, manage and run BlueFox smart content.

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What you will learn:

  • How to purchase BlueFox feeds in three steps
  • How to manage your feeds
  • Quick ways to run BlueFox feeds on BroadSign Administrator
  • FAQ