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Access online tutorials and training video playlists.

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Latest Features and Enhancements Highlights Version 12.1

  • Display Unit CSV Export
    Online and DOOH have many differences which only BroadSign’s SSP can truly service. We’ve enhanced inventory export tools to BroadSign Administrator to make deployments of Serv Direct and Serv SSP easier.
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  • 3G/4G Synchronization
    3G/4G network synchronization allows line-of-sight screens playback to stay synchronized.
    Related Link: 3G/4G Sync

  • Duplicate MAC Address Protection
    Duplicate MAC protection prevents double-registration of players with fake MAC addresses.
    Related Link: Troubleshooting – Duplicate MAC Addresses

  • Enchanced HTML5 Support
    Enhanced HTML5 support with Chromium 59 update and webgl support for smoother playback.
    Related Link: Dynamic Content – HTML5

  • Screen Suspend/Resume Action
    With the Screen Suspend/Resume action of the BroadSign Player API, you can allow player-side applications to suspend or resume the connected screen.
    Related Link: Suspend/Resume Action

  • 5.1 Audio Support
    Targeted to clients in the cinema vertical, BroadSign Core 12.1 includes support for 5.1 Audio to take advantage of the theatre’s audio capabilities.
    Related Link: Player Configuration Profiles – Products Section – Video Tab

    For developers, we have added a REST API to facilitate easier use and to faster deploy integrations. We provide a REST console, using Swagger, that is more intuitive and enjoyable to use.
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  • IP Whitelisting
    Keep your network secure with an additional layer of access control with IP whitelists for both BroadSign Administrator and BroadSign Creator.
    Related Links: Domain Properties – The General Section

  • Statistical Audience API
    Audience analytics and audience selling in DOOH is getting more and more sophisticated each day. For networks that want to sell impression-based campaigns, the more granular statistical audience data from BroadSign Serv Direct can now be used in BroadSign Core reports to reflect delivered impressions.
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Introductory Video Tutorials

Introduction and Installation

Covered in this video: using BroadSign’s training video playlists, about BroadSign Core (main parts), installing BroadSign Administrator and installing BroadSign Player.

Quick Start Tutorial

Covered in this video: uploading an ad copy, adding a display unit, booking a campaign and registering a player.

Loop Policies

Covered in this video: an overview of loop policies, adding a folder, adding a loop policy and editing loop policy properties.