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As a sales representative, you are on the front lines. You may receive RFPs (Requests for Proposals) or prospect for sales opportunities, but your job is to create proposals and sell inventory.

In this section, we describe how users with Sales credentials can sell more inventory using Broadsign Direct.

  • About Proposals: Proposals are the backbone of Broadsign Direct. We describe the different ways you can create, edit and publish them.
  • Browse Inventory: As a Sales rep, in Broadsign Direct you can browse your screen inventory. That way, you can see what screens to offer your prospects in your proposals.
  • Monitor Booking Levels: You have quotas? Do you want to see if you are reaching your goals every day? Use the dashboard in Broadsign Direct to monitor your booking levels.
  • Inbound RFP Tutorial: Broadsign knows that Requests For Proposals (RFPs) often kick off the need to create a proposal. We walk you through proposal creation: from the arrival of the RFP to the confirmation of the contract.