Broadsign Direct (Documentation)

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What is your role?


You are on the front lines. You may receive RFPs or prospect, but your job is to create proposals and sell inventory.

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You study the digital signage landscape, strategize, set rate cards and create packages of screens. You monitor your sales team’s performance.

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You are the network operator, creating users, setting privileges, and importing/exporting audience data. You set it all up.

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What do you want to do?

Tour the interface

Log in. Check supported browsers. Tour the sections and features of our software (all users).

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Create a proposal

Learn about our proposal builder that helps you sell inventory (all users).

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Browse inventory

Learn to browse your screen inventory, all with an eye towards selling more inventory (all users).

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Create a package

Create packages of screens that share strategic traits to speed up proposal creation and the selling of availability (Managers and Admin only).

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Set up your domain

Follow our quick setup tutorial to ready your domain (Admin only).

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