Did you know that 9 out of 10 out of home advertisements will be digital by the end of the decade?* BroadSign’s digital signage software and hardware solutions were designed to best accommodate this fate and strengthen your position in the industry. Join us in driving BroadSign everywhere.

So, what is digital signage anyway?

What is digital signage?

Digital signage is the remote-controlled distribution and playback of digital content on networks of displays ranging from small screens to digital billboards, either at a single location or across multiple sites. Digital signage networks can be found in retail settings, airports, restaurants, entertainment venues and institutions such as healthcare facilities, allowing networks to target specific audiences with customized and engaging content.

At BroadSign, we believe that digital signage will one day be recognized as the medium that delivers the richest, most targeted content while being highly accountable and facilitative in terms of amplifying consumer engagement through mobile and social means.

What BroadSign brings to digital signage


Let our software do your heavy lifting.

In the era of modern digital signage software, playlists are the enemy of efficiency, bloating both costs and personnel. Generating a playlist for a single player or display is not difficult. It’s when a new playlist must be created manually each time you want to update or customize content for specific screens and areas that a headache in terms of time, management and verification ensues.

BroadSign’s digital signage networks are managed at the top level instead of on a per player basis, removing the hassle of having to create and manage multiple playlists. Our platform is campaign-focused, with embedded rules that automatically generate content loops and require no human intervention. Tell the software who your client wants to reach and it takes care of the rest.

If you’re building playlists and individually targeting them to players, you’re working too hard. Let BroadSign’s software work for you.


No downtime or excuses, just consistency and results.

BroadSign’s shared-tenant infrastructure is hosted in a private cloud comprised of multiple servers and databases. This is how we deliver consistent uptime complete with a disaster recovery site for backup.

What’s more, BroadSign’s Player is the best in the business. If the BroadSign Cloud is not available (like during planned server maintenance), BroadSign Players keep running without interruption. Their self-healing capacities mean they fix problems on their own. No need for you to worry about issues that have already been taken care of.

Cloud Services.

IT shouldn’t be a problem. Certainly not your problem.

On-premise digital signage software platforms are costly and time-consuming to install and maintain; an IT department is required to run servers and data centers, and any breakdowns are your issue. BroadSign’s software was the first platform designed uniquely for cloud-based SaaS and was created to be hardware-agnostic from the very beginning. There’s no need for data center installations or a hefty IT department. Moreover, maintaining servers and managing updates is our responsibility, not yours.

BroadSign’s digital signage software platform works seamlessly with Windows or Linux and is a cinch for networks running other software to upgrade to. It also permits the scaling up of network size to any number of displays and players in virtually no time at all. It’s as simple as SaaS.


Twice as many new features as the closest competitor.

BroadSign is renowned as the industry leader in innovation, and for good reason. Our many firsts in digital signage include designing a SaaS platform from the ground up, offering automated campaign-based execution, providing audited proof-of-performance reporting and integrating fine-grained, patented inventory management. When it comes to industry firsts, we’re second to none.

We take pride in being the standard for digital signage software by relentlessly pursuing innovation and excellence and releasing more new features and updates more often than any of our competitors. We also offer a full 10-year backward compatibility guarantee with automatic system updates, so when you do decide it’s time to update, you won’t need to lift a finger. And don’t expect any additional maintenance or upgrade fees – it all comes as part of the BroadSign suite.


Why should they pay without proof?

Accurate proof of play delivered in an advertiser-friendly format is required if you want to maximize returns on your digital signage network. Non ad-based networks also benefit from proof of play in measuring their own ROI. Since BroadSign’s digital signage software is campaign-based, each individual repetition (the number of times an ad is played) is precisely counted. It also accounts for who is looking at a campaign, yielding an accurate number of impressions.

Too much data is missed when attempting to analyze indigestible raw playback reports. BroadSign’s reports are aggregated by campaign, making it easy for advertisers to understand just how many people viewed their ads. Moreover, our digital signage software was the first to have its proof of play independently verified by a third-party auditor.


*Source: BuySellAds, “Beyond the Billboard: The Future of Out-Of-Home Advertising,” 2011.

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