Digital Signage Software Solutions

The BroadSign Advantage

Digital Signage Automation


BroadSign’s digital signage networks are managed at the top level instead of on a per player basis, removing the hassle of having to create and manage multiple playlists. Its platform is campaign-focused, with embedded rules that automatically generate content loops and require no human intervention.

Digital Signage Future-Safe


If you’ve ever had to replace software and redeploy your network due to a platform provider’s upgrade, you’ll appreciate BroadSign’s 10 year backward compatibility.
BroadSign’s software was specifically designed for large-scale advertising networks from the get-go, delivering focus and innovation unsurpassed by smaller providers or digital divisions of larger corporations.

Digital Signage Reporting


Avoid the loss of data incurred when attempting to analyze indigestible raw playback reports. BroadSign’s reports are aggregated by campaign, making it easy for advertisers to understand how many people viewed their ads.
Independently verified accuracy score of 99.64% by third-party auditor, Arbitron.

Digital Signage Security


The only people who should have access to your network are those who you can trust. BroadSign’s platform was deemed more secure than that of online banking in a third-party audit by Lexsi SAS.

Digital Signage Self-Healing


BroadSign’s software is smart enough to fix its own problems while constantly keeping you updated as to its progress. Reduce the number of on-site maintenance visits and minimize your operational costs. Avoid the embarrassment associated with a screen void of content.

Digital Signage BroadSign Ecosystem

The BroadSign Ecosystem.

BroadSign has quickly become a standard platform in the digital signage space, powering over 200 networks and 200 million ads daily. Our Open API welcomes your technology in the BroadSign Ecosystem – care to join us?