Digital Signage in Healthcare

Digital Signage in Healthcare


BroadSign's Healthcare Vertical

Digital signage in healthcare is changing the way patients perceive visits to the doctor, dentist or vet. While magazines quickly become worn and single TV channels do not suit the preferences of all viewers, digital place-based media provides patients with important information on their own health and messages from the clinic’s staff.

BroadSign offers a could-based platform, meaning that installation and maintenance of an IT infrastructure is not necessary and players can be activated on demand. While this feature is optimal for digital displays in the healthcare environment, other advantages of BroadSign’s software include:


  • BroadSign Creator: Networks and individual clinics can seamlessly and simultaneously work together, allowing networks to manage advertising campaigns and clinics to schedule location-specific messaging.
  • Content Formats: Supporting a broad range of content that can be played within the same campaign and even the same frame, such as static images, video and Flash.
  • Dynamic Content: Enables intelligent content to draw information from local feeds and display information relating to check-in procedures and queue systems.
  • Mobile: Educate and engage waiting patients by prompting them to access further information about editorials and advertisements with their smartphones.
  • Multi-frame Support: Ability to allocate different pieces of content into separate windows of the screen and jump to full screen for important or high-impact messaging.
  • News and Weather: Update patients on current events and forecasts as they wait to meet with their doctor, reducing perceived dwell time and preventing the loop from becoming stale with content that is not frequently refreshed.

Digital Signage: Healthcare


  • Inventory Management: Monitor the amount of time left in loops to make the most of advertising revenue and ensure that your sales team is concentrating on the right screens.
  • Priorities: Maximize your loop’s profitability with automatic reorganization of preferred and remnant ads. Once your loop is full, low priority spots can be removed to make room for ads of greater importance.
  • Proof of Performance: Deliver accurate proof of performance reports to advertisers in industry standard formats. Why should they pay without proof?
  • Rules: Simplified scheduling permits the grouping of editorials in a specific order and automatically places advertising in slots that correlate with messaging. It makes sense that ads promoting glucose meters and sugar-free foods follow an informative segment on diabetes.
  • Targeting: Network operators can target national, regional, local or any other grouping of screens with complete freedom and flexibility.

Powerful, Flexible and Reliable

  • Redundancy: Our platform has provided 99.999% uptime over the past 10 years. What’s more, our players continue to function if the server is unavailable.
  • User-based Access and Permissions: In addition to granting access to an overall administrator and an unlimited amount of local managers, job specific log-ins ensure that the network’s IT contact is made aware of technical issues or an agency representative is notified of content requirements.


Why We Chose BroadSign” – Larry Newman, Executive Vice President, Health Media Network

Jody Strain, VP of Network Operations, AccentHealth LLC:

“Since 2006, AccentHealth has partnered with BroadSign International to develop America’s largest health education television network.  Through the use of BroadSign’s digital signage software system, AccentHealth is able to target programming by office specialty keeping patients engaged and informed with health topics relevant to their needs.  Managing a digital network of this size can be a daunting task but utilizing BroadSign’s Suite we are able to efficiently schedule our monthly three hour programs, as well as monitor, troubleshoot and resolve issues.  On the backend, BroadSign Administrator provides the necessary Proof of Play reporting to validate our network performance.

Being the leader of this industry, AccentHealth continuously monitors the relevant hardware and software options available in the market.  We continue our partnership with BroadSign because of their leadership and ingenuity in the industry.”