Better manage your OOH media sales with Ayuda Juice

Your central sales solution for static, transit and digital campaigns.

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Save time by automating your sales process

Make strategic sales decisions and improve on your daily sales operations. With real-time inventory data at your fingertips you can browse static, transit and digital availability, media status, and inventory pressure at a glance.

Then, from the same system, choose a type of rate, and watch as the system automatically calculates the recommended rate for the selected products or assets based on the time period.

Grow your business by quickly responding to RFPs

Boost your customer service and promptly respond to customer requests in just a few clicks. Thanks to the native integration with Ayuda Splash, key details related to assets, such as maps, photosheets and blueprints are readily available when preparing a proposal.

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With access to real-time static, transit and digital availabilities, sales can quickly respond to RFPs in just a few clicks. Then, watch as proposed campaigns get booked, scheduled, viewed in real-time on Ayuda Splash.

See how you can automate and improve your daily sales operations with Ayuda Juice

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