Audience Campaigns

Unlock new opportunities and additional revenue

Broadsign's ad server provides you with sophisticated targeting tools to help your sales teams plan and sell campaigns, optimize your inventory, and reach target audiences at the most compelling moments.

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Sophisticated targeting tools

Reach audiences at the most relevant time

A global sports and lifestyle brand is launching a new shoe and wants to use DOOH to reach their customers on-the-go. Audience Campaigns allows them to target their intended audience down to age group, and target the best environments for them to reach their customers, like gyms or shopping malls.

Flexible campaign delivery

Say goodbye to filler content & skipped slots

A media owner realizes that 30% of their monthly inventory runs filler content, like weather and news snippets. They decide to sell these unsold slots through Broadsign's Audience Campaigns, which will give the slot to the highest paying campaign. This allows them to generate more revenue than if they sold it at a deep discount or ran filler content.

inventory and revenue optimization

Accommodate budgets of all sizes

A small business wants to advertise on a screen near their store with a budget of $10,000 per year. Booking that campaign through Audience Campaigns allows them to run their ad over the next 12 months only when there is space, creating more availability for long-term guaranteed campaigns.


Monetize filler, unsold or skipped slots

Sell last-minute impression-based campaigns to fill unsold inventory, allowing you to monetize on every slot.

Execute and monitor campaigns in real-time

Track relevant KPIs like impressions, budget spent, and ads served through a comprehensive reporting platform.

Widen your customer base

Make local campaigns more profitable with increased agility in campaign activation times and flexibility in campaign delivery.

Sell premium data-triggered campaigns

Target environments & demographics, and leverage moment-based triggers, like weather & financial moments.

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What is Audience Campaigns?

The Audience Campaigns module is made available through the Broadsign Platform, and enables media owner direct sales teams to sell impression-based non-guaranteed campaigns that layer in audience and demographic targeting.

Do I have to use targeting capabilities for every campaign?

It's not necessary to include targeting capabilities in every campaign - you can adjust based on your buyer's needs! Some of our customers have started by focusing on filling previously empty slots with smaller budget campaigns for example.

What is an example of a contextual trigger?

Weather and financial moments are two contextual triggers available in Audience Campaigns. For instance, triggering an ad to show when the temperature reaches above 20°C to reach consumers that might consider buying an ice cream or ice coffee or triggering an ad to show when the price of bitcoin has gone up.

How does this differ from pre-emptible campaigns?

These campaigns have an impression goal which means that the pacing will be adjusted based on the delivery of impressions and the campaign will automatically stop when the goal is reached.

Optimize your inventory to monetize your unsold ad space today!

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