Icon: Your Mall as a Destination
Your Mall as a Destination

Build your brand and establish your mall as a true destination by displaying content that entertains, informs and augments the shopper experience.

Icon: Creative Campaigns with Context
Creative Campaigns with Context

Enable your advertising partners to deliver the most effective campaigns by using audience demographics and situational data, like screen location, time of day and more, to target campaigns and trigger content playback.

Icon: Book Complex Campaigns
Book Complex Campaigns

Whether a simple CPM buy or a complex campaign, look like a star with your customers. Create packages, book takeovers, and let the system automatically rebalance all your other campaigns.

Icon: Every Screen Right at your Fingertips
Every Screen Right at your Fingertips

From kiosks to billboards and everything in between, efficiently manage every screen in every mall from one centralized platform that easily scales as your digital signage network grows.

“When the right content is displayed to the right audience, advertising and messaging is complementary to the shopper experience. Broadsign enables us to provide advertisers with opportunities to reach consumers in interesting and exciting ways.”

– Westfield –

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Screens shining bright, always

Ensure every screen is lit up and displaying what it should be with the industry’s most reliable and secure digital signage software.

Partnerships for Great Content

Create your own content, work with your retailers, or enhance your screens by working with our digital signage content, wayfinding and audience analytics partners.

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How can your shopping mall benefit from the Broadsign digital signage platform?