We’ve updated our SOC II and ISAE3402 reports to include more data

April 17, 2018Samantha Brault

It’s no secret that trust and transparency play a huge role in digital advertising. Issues with viewability, bots, ad-fraud and data privacy have caused a few scandals in mobile, online display and social media platforms, making both consumers and advertisers wary of some digital advertising mediums.
Digital out-of-home faces some of the same data concerns, especially with the rising popularity of automated programmatic purchasing. Advertisers want to know exactly where and when their budget is being spent, creating a need for transparent and reliable reporting.
Accurate and reliable data is key to establish digital out-of-home as a viable digital marketing solution, and this is why we certified our proof-of-play report and campaign performance.

What does this certification entail?

Working with third-party consultation company BDO, we performed an audit of our proof-of-play report and campaign performance information to verify and confirm the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data capture and storage.
Having successfully completed the audit, we are proud to add proof-of-play and campaign performance to our SOC II and ISAE3402 reports.

What does this mean for our customers?

Completing this audit is an important step in providing our customers with added peace of mind that their data is secure and accurate.

While we have always appreciated the importance of secure and reliable data, we felt it important to provide our customers with reliable, third-party verification that our data is collected, stored and reported in an optimal way. With certified data, our customers can feel confident in providing advertisers with the data transparency they are looking for. — Dana Tunks, CFO at Broadsign

For more information, contact your Broadsign representative or fill in this form to receive the full report.