Simplify your OOH and DOOH campaign booking with Broadsign Direct

July 18, 2018Samantha Brault

Habits are easy to form but hard to break. This is as true in the world of digital out-of-home as it is in life. It’s common to see out-of-home sales teams working with a complicated system to manage sales and inventory that includes a CMS, Excel spreadsheets, numerous other external sales tools. This disconnected system is not an ideal solution and sales teams may not even like it, but it’s the way things are done.
This might be manageable when working with a small, homogeneous network, but what happens when you expand into more complex or multichannel campaigns, or if your network gets much larger? You’ll see it takes a lot more effort to sell and schedule inventory, and an unwieldy system might just fall apart.
Fortunately, Broadsign Direct now offers a better way, simplifying complex, large-scale and multichannel out-of-home sales so that they take no effort at all.

Book DOOH and OOH in one platform

As the industry moves towards digital, non-digital OOH still holds an important place in the advertising world. With the ability to use almost any surface as a marketing channel – busses, stairs, walls, pillars, windows and more – advertisers can push their creativity to exciting levels.
Many networks have a combination of digital screens and posters, billboards, wraps and more.

To create a simpler and more cohesive proposal, both static and digital inventory can be booked via Broadsign Direct. Your sales team can view all available screens and non-static inventory in one platform, and add these assets as line items to a single proposal. This eliminates the need for multiple proposals and gives your customers a more cohesive look at their entire OOH campaign.

Create an impact with campaign takeovers

Sometimes, booking a few screens won’t be enough for your advertising partners – sometimes, they’ll want to make a bigger splash. This is the ideal situation for a takeover campaign. To really make an impact and catch the audience’s attention, brands book every screen in a given area (i.e. “takeover”). Booking takeover campaigns is made easy with Broadsign Direct. Your sales team can simply select the screens, click takeover and set the share of voice to 100%.

Rebalance campaigns if the unexpected occurs

While takeover campaigns are an amazing opportunity for your advertising partners, they can have an impact on previously booked campaigns. During the takeover, campaigns that were originally scheduled on selected screens will be temporarily paused. With Broadsign Direct, any affected campaign will be rebooked automatically across your network, ensuring each meets its target audience and budget goals.
Campaign rebalancing also works if an unforeseen problem takes a screen offline. Other screens in the campaign will pick up the slack to ensure you deliver the results your client is expecting.

Hold inventory as the deal closes

Broadsign Direct is designed to shorten the sales cycle, however, there will always be some delay between the time your customer receives the proposal and when the campaign is officially booked.
While customers are reviewing the proposal, your team can place inventory on hold to ensure the campaign is ready to go once the confirmation is in. Holds can expire after a predefined amount of time, clearing the way if a potential arrangement falls through. Additionally, holds can be released at any time to free up inventory for other deals.

With Broadsign Direct streamlining the OOH sales process, your team can spend less time managing data and more time selling. If your network is large or multichannel, or if you want to offer solutions better-tailored to what advertisers want, it won’t be long before you notice big time savings in your workplace.