Influence buying decisions with contextual storytelling

Create an innovative and unique shopping experience for customers while delivering impactful impressions for branded goods

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Broadsign's automated in-store digital marketing platform specializes in delivering digital ad-based messages, empowering you to create engaging in-store experiences for both your shoppers and CPG brands alike.

Powered by Broadsign's in-store digital marketing platform:

CPGs are already spending on online advertising, so why not help them reach an audience where it matters most

Research tells us that CPGs will direct more and more ad spend toward on-site content in the coming years. With strategic use of screens, you can extend the CPG ad spend to in-store advertising, while delivering your own on-the-fly messages to consumers.

Leverage first and third party data to deliver hyper-relevant, contextual messages that inform, influence and delight your customers

Broadsign also allows you to use loyalty data to deliver contextual storytelling messages, either in the aisle or at the point of purchase.

Let your purchase data do the talking

By serving ads at high-intent purchasing locations, paired with external triggers like bar codes, you can drive product messaging down to the very last consumer touchpoint.

Effectively bring CPG ad spend to the last mile

Start complementing shelf placement and online advertising with a digital in-store experience thanks to the strategic use of digital screens.

Unlock endless monetization opportunities

Our smart and automated marketing platform even supports localized content, point-of-sale and stock-level triggering, as well as personalization on a per-screen basis.

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