Create theCitiesof the Future

Bring smart cities to life with a digital signage platform that supports dynamic, interactive and data-driven content, ads and services.

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Useful tools, grateful communities

Get the community excited about your network by providing useful smart city services like maps, weather updates, or traffic and transit reports on your screens.

A smart city that pays for itself

The smartest cities don't make users pay for access to useful services. Fund a free smart city experience with an ad-supported network of services and screens.

The right people at the right time

Get the right content in front of the right people everyday, all across your network. With smart audience targeting features, deliver the most relevant messages that make your city look brilliant.

Flexible options for maximum ad sales

With specialized tools for both direct and programmatic ad sales teams, you can exceed revenue targets.

A smart city network without limits

Integrate with external data providers and whatever exciting technology you like. Our open, extensible API helps ensure your network's capabilities are limited only by your imagination.

Our digital network provides brands the opportunity to connect with millions of customers on their daily journeys through our largest cities. With Broadsign, we have the enhanced flexibility, creative capabilities, and planning tools to make those connections more efficiently and cohesively across our network.


Trusted by visionary smart city networks

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Security your network can rely on

Keep your signage network and data safe with industry-leading security, monitoring and alerting features.

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Partnerships for great content

Create your own content, work with local collaborators, or enhance your screens by working with our digital signage content, wayfinding and audience analytics partners.

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