Transitioning toAWS CloudImportant Updates

What's changing and why do i need to know?

  • Broadsign will be moving the hosting of Broadsign Control and Broadsign Creator production environments from its current physical private data center to AWS Cloud.
  • As a result of this change, the current hostnames (,, will not change, however, the IPs those hostnames resolve to will change.
  • We also expect some planned down-time to complete the migration. Any downtime will be announced in advance and we anticipate minimal impact.
  • While the actual transition will take place in the end of 2019, there are some precautionary steps that need to be taken by many of our clients to ensure a smooth transition (details below).

Why is broadsign making this change?

  • AWS will enable us to more easily scale our services and provide an even higher level of hosting reliability and security than we do today.
  • AWS is generally considered the gold standard of web and business application hosting. Built on a multi-billion dollar computing infrastructure, AWS provides access to infinite computational and storage resources, along with an exceptional track record for availability and security.
  • A number of Broadsign products are already successfully hosted on AWS, including Broadsign Direct, Broadsign Publish and Broadsign Reach. This change only impacts Broadsign Control and Broadsign Creator.

How will this change impact my business?

  • The primary impact of this change on our customers is that the IP addresses to connect to Broadsign Control and Creator will change. All customers will need to ensure that their Players and Broadsign Administrator can reach the new Broadsign IPs for continued service. You will most likely fall into one of the following three groups:
    • Customers who use the standard hostnames (sometimes called “symbolic”) DNS names to connect to Broadsign (most customers): If you are in this group of customers there should be no impact on your network, unless you or a third party has whitelisted the specific IPs the hostnames currently resolve to. We will ask customers to test all of their players however to confirm.
    • Customers who connect to Broadsign through the use of IP addresses: If you are in this group, it is important to know that the IP addresses will change and you will need to update the IP addresses on each affected player.
    • Customers who have Players using hostnames or IP addresses behind a firewall that whitelists IPs: Customers in this group will need to ensure that the new AWS IPs are also whitelisted by your firewall. It is important to note that even customers who use host names may be in this group.
  • As we move closer to the transition, we will have planned system downtimes, much like we do for major version upgrades. Advance notice will be given once we have specific dates and times. We expect the downtimes to last a few hours, and as usual you will be able to continue to play pre-cached content to avoid screen outages.
  • It is important that all Broadsign customers test their network (and if required update their IP addresses) prior to the AWS Cloud transition. Not doing so may result in your network not being able to connect to the Broadsign network to play scheduled content.

What preparatory steps do i need to take to ensure a smooth transition for my network?

  • The new IP address ranges are available now for customers who can start to include them in their player setups. As they are not yet in production, you should keep the original list of IP addresses as well.
  • Within the next 60 days customers will receive an email with further instructions to help test their connection to the new servers. This test will require you to download and schedule the special test content on your network. Any players that fail to connect will be reported in a log.
  • This test will help you to identify which players (if any) will not be able to connect automatically to the new AWS IP addresses. For these players, you will need to update the IP addresses on your network and re-test to ensure that it works.

What are the new ip addresses?

  • From to inclusively.

Will there be help, who do i call?

  • Broadsign will be providing tools and special test content that customers should schedule on their players. This test content will not display anything but it will attempt to reach the new IPs.
  • Relevant logs will identify which players could not connect to the IPs. Customers will then know which Players need to be updated with the new IP address ranges.
  • Customers can also reach out to our tech support team via:

Are there any versions of broadsign that will not be supported?

  • We expect to support all customers, regardless of the version of Broadsign Control that you may be running.

What steps is broadsign taking to ensure that there will no screen down-time?

  • The migration to AWS has been in the planning and testing phase for well over a year. We are planning a full QA process and a number of test runs to ensure that everything migrates successfully. Much of this will be done in phases.
  • As Broadsign does not have access to customer Players or network setups, testing of player connectivity and updating IP addresses, if required, will need to be performed by customers.
  • Broadsign is here to help – we are creating tools and content to assist with player testing. Our tech support team is also on standby to assist with any questions or issues.
  • We will be monitoring activity and feedback daily. Please reach out to us if you need help: