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Healthcare & Pharma

Deliver healthcare messaging directly to the general public by placing informative, engaging DOOH ads in high-traffic areas, and keeping audiences up-to-date on health recommendations, products, and services.

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Audience Segments

Audience Segments

General Public, Pharmacy Patrons

Points of Interest

Points of Interest

Point-of-care facilities, Pharmacies, Hospitals



  • Work hours
  • Peak commute hours
Venue Types

Venue Types

  • Audience: All screens that index against the intended audience
  • Place-based: Hospitals, pharmacies and doctor's offices
  • Outdoor: Billboard, urban panels and transit shelters within proximity to pharmacies and point-of-care offices

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Boost awareness for healthcare & pharma brands

  • Deliver healthcare messages directly to the general public by running DOOH ads in high-traffic areas
  • Advertise new products or services in long-dwell time venues where audiences are thinking about health benefits, like doctor's offices
  • Place DOOH ads in close proximity to care centres and clinics that include directions or clinic hours

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