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Drive brand awareness and stay top-of-mind as mobile device users move throughout their day by delivering DOOH ads at key moments throughout the consumer path to purchase.

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Audience Segment

Audience Segment

Tech & Gadget Enthusiasts

Points of Interest

Points of Interest

Malls, Residential, Office buildings



  • Commute to work
  • Retail operating hours
Venue Types

Venue Types

  • Audience: All screens that index against the intended audience
  • Place-based: Malls and retail locations
  • Outdoor: Billboard, urban panels and transit shelters within proximity to point-of-purchase locations


Play relevant ads based on technology stock prices

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Increase store visits, mobile phone sales, subscriptions, and more!

  • Drive consumers in-store with strategically placed DOOH ads that are in proximity to your point of interest
  • Promote special sales initiatives like unlimited data or family plans to encourage non-subscribers to join your network
  • Leverage season trends like back-to-school to reach audiences who may be looking to purchase or upgrade a device

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