4 creative uses of DOOH to inspire your next campaign – featuring Sage + Archer

December 10, 2020Samantha Brault

There’s no question about it – today’s digital out-of-home landscape is both rich and dynamic. Even so, out-of-home is often overlooked when planning digital media campaigns, which is quite frankly, a huge missed opportunity.

DOOH can be as personalized, agile, and relevant as digital, mobile and online marketing, and is a strong complement to these channels!

To showcase its strengths, we caught up with one of our most creative DSP partners, Sage + Archer, and explored some of their most recent programmatic DOOH campaigns.

A simple data trigger maintains foot traffic at Amsterdam’s Moco Museum

As is the case with many local services, the natural ebb and flow of visitors to the Moco Museum makes maximizing capacity levels tricky. Advertise when the museum is full? Unhappy customers waiting in line. No ads running when the museum is empty? A missed opportunity.

To consistently fill the museum to capacity, Moco turned to a simple data source: their ticket register sales. By feeding visitor counts to the Sage + Archer platform in real-time, mobile and DOOH campaigns were dynamically triggered. 

When ticket sales were down, the campaign was delivered to nearby tourists, inviting them to come visit their collection of modern pieces. 

While the concept seems simple, the impact behind fully automated smart campaign delivery is substantial. By spending only when it mattered most, the Moco Museum was able to maximize impact while minimizing any wasted spend. 

Though the campaign was launched prior to the coronavirus outbreak, the ability to manage crowds is more relevant now than ever before. 

As brick-and-mortar businesses, both big and small, navigate ever-changing rules and adjust to the new normal, having the ability to link marketing spend directly to store foot traffic is extremely interesting.

Albert Heijn uses mobile insights to optimize its DOOH efforts

Like the Moco Museum, Dutch grocery store giant Albert Heijn was looking to maintain a steadier flow of customers to its stores, and also turned to a DOOH and mobile campaign duo.

To develop their campaign creative strategy, they looked at their two types of shopper: the regulars who visit on a daily or weekly basis, and the deal seekers who visit only when the price is right. 

To increase visitors, they focused their messaging and outreach on their infrequent shopper audience, and developed a campaign using one of the Netherlands’ true treasures: Heineken beer! 

The campaign was delivered to DOOH screens using mobile insights that identified screens with a larger concentration of Albert Heijn’s deal seeking audience.

Mobile was also used to track campaign success. Sage + Archer tracked the uptick in new or infrequent visitors to continuously adjust the campaign as it ran, really pinpointing the locations that had the most impact.

Knab Bank takes customer experience to a new level with personalized billboards

Every year, Knab Bank sends out a video via email thanking customers for their continued loyalty. This year, they wanted to take their customer appreciation efforts to a whole new level, so they asked customers to confirm their interest in their name appearing on a billboard. 

To their surprise, nearly 15,000 of its customers said yes!

Using a simple list of customer first names and HTML5 technology to display them on screens, the campaign ran across screens in 15 different Dutch cities. What’s more, an automated email campaign was sent out notifying customers about where and when their personalized ad would air.

Excited to see their names appear on billboards for all to see, Knab customers flooded social media with selfies and posts, causing significant public relations buzz for the bank. Knab Bank successfully pushed the boundaries of DOOH to achieve its goal of executing a highly personalized, national customer appreciation campaign. 

Sage + Archer  actually recently accepted a Dutch Interactive Award for its participation in the campaign!

Heineken uses intelligent location targeting to connect with university freshmen 

Every year, Dutch universities host an Introduction Week for first-year students, which includes guided campus tours, city sightseeing, information sessions and of course, great parties.

Wanting to connect with students new to Amsterdam, Heineken ran a city-wide campaign promoting its beer delivery app.

However, to maximize their budget, Heineken used the university’s schedule of events.

As students headed across town, ads were targeted to the screens near their events. When the event was over, the creative moved onto the next relevant screens. By matching time and locations with event schedules, Heineken was able to reach students throughout their entire day without breaking the bank.

Ready to try one of these creative and strategic approaches out for yourself?

Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness or generate direct responses, integrating programmatic DOOH into your marketing strategy is certainly worth the time and effort. These cases illustrate just how effective data-driven digital-out-of-home is at helping brands reach their target audiences with relevant content, regardless of budget size or type of data available.

We hope this blog got your creative juices flowing! Get in touch if you want to chat about launching your very own DOOH campaign.