Are you an advertiser new to DOOH? Or a DOOH veteran new to programmatic? Programmatic DOOH U is for you!


Programmatic DOOH is fairly new to buyers and publishers alike, and education is still a big part of making this channel a success.


Check out our series of videos – with more to come – exploring the ins and outs of programmatic digital out-of-home!

For Publishers

5 common misconceptions about programmatic digital out-of-home

After having hundreds of conversations with media owners about programmatic DOOH, we noticed a few misconceptions that kept coming back up. Today, we’re here to set the record straight on what programmatic means publishers.

Professor Ben Allman, Sales Director ANZ, Broadsign

Getting your operations department ready for programmatic

While programmatic is all about automation, there is still a significant human element needed to set up, launch, manage and optimize the programmatic side of your business. In this lesson, we go over how to build your programmatic ad ops team.

Professor Connor Peltz, Programmatic Technical Specialist, Broadsign

Getting your sales department ready for programmatic

As we debunked in video two (spoiler alert) programmatic does not mean the end of your direct sales team. Actually, it presents new opportunities for your sales team to jump on, and in this lesson, we go over what you need to prepare a programmatic sales strategy.

Professor Ryan Pogy, Sales Director North America, Broadsign

For Buyers

What's what in programmatic digital out-of-home

Most media buyers have read the infamous ebook “WTF is programmatic?” – welcome to the sequel. In this lesson, you’ll learn the foundations of programmatic DOOH from A to Z, and be equipped with the basics needed to start exploring this channel.

Professor: Adam Green, SVP & GM, Broadsign Reach

Navigating data in digital out -of-home

While DOOH has many similarities to mobile and online, one thing is definitely different: there are no cookies. But this doesn’t mean screen audience is a mystery. In this lesson, you’ll learn the different ways audience is determined in DOOH, in both quantitative and qualitative ways.

Professors: Brett Warner, Head of Business NA, Quividi and Scott Fiaschetti, SVP Operations, Geopath

Getting started with digital out-of-home

DOOH has taken leaps and bounds towards modernization in the past decade, but many still see this channel as traditional, keeping it in its own campaign and budget silo. In this lesson, we’ll go over why DOOH fits right into modern media planning, and give you practical tips on how your digital buying team can get started with this channel.

Professor: Adam Kahansky, Senior Account Executive, Broadsign

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Campaign Case Studies

How People's Pint increased brewery visits by 12.8% with Campsite

With the community at the heart of their business, People's Pint needed a marketing strategy that brings locals into the brewery. So they turned to local digital billboards to increase store traffic by 12.8%.

How foodora got creative with programmatic digital out-of-home

While the brand is popular for delivery, foodora’s pick-up option isn’t as well-known. Needing strategy to grow this side of their business, See how foodora changed this with programmatic digital out-of-home.

How we went from concept to live on screens in 2 hours with Campsite

Last-minute messaging? No time for a social media campaign? No problem! See how Broadsign launched digital out-of-home messaging in only a few hours and reached over 400K people.