A new home for OOH: Introducing The OOH Society by doohx

October 25, 2023Brooke Ermogenis

Two years ago, doohx introduced its pioneering OOH certification courses at a time when the outdoor advertising sector was poised for a monumental surge in inventory, investment, and innovation.

Now the fastest-growing ad medium in the world, OOH is developing more rapidly than traditional, static education models can compete with. And while our certification courses  – proudly sponsored by the team at Broadsign – remain the industry standard for laying the foundations of OOH knowledge, there’s a clear imperative need for a more dynamic, consistent, accessible and comprehensive approach to education in OOH.

“Static education is dead. The future of OOH learning is as dynamic as our industry.”

Brooke Ermogenis, Founder + Head of Insight at doohx

And so, we’re proud to announce the launch of doohx’s The OOH Society – the new home of OOH.

“The OOH industry is evolving quickly in terms of technology and data. Education is critical to ensuring buyers and sellers take advantage of the latest advancements to maximize campaign impact. Broadsign is proud to have been the founding partner of doohx and the impact that it has made on OOH, and we look forward to this next wave of community and industry education,” says Liseanne Gillham, Vice President of Marketing at Broadsign. 

What is The OOH Society?

doohx’s The OOH Society is a digital portal into the expansive world of OOH – educating and connecting our global community of media professionals like never before.

As well as acting as the gateway to our industry-leading certification programs, The OOH Society brings a dynamic, consistent, real-time approach to education. Our core curriculum revolves around our weekly, short-form Masterclass series – frequent, easily digestible content on everything from the how-tos of our industry to the discussions that will shape the future of OOH.

Upcoming Masterclasses

Here are just a few of the Masterclass series we have lined up for the next few months:

  • Comparison of mediums – can OOH learn from what other mediums get right?
  • Redefining content – how can OOH become an extension of online content, and are we moving away from the purely ‘ad-model’ of OOH?
  • Measuring success in OOH – methods used by inventory and trading type – OOH, DOOH and PDOOH
  • Static OOH – digital isn’t all that’s evolving in OOH. We look at the latest innovations in Static OOH and dive into how to plan, buy, and execute campaigns utilizing the latest tech.
  • Sustainability in OOH – the current state of sustainability in OOH, what we can do to improve, and how a greener future for OOH will look.

In addition, we have fortnightly discussions around each Masterclass series, Q&A sessions, and opportunities for members to share their own educational content – whether they be blogs, podcasts, videos or case studies.

Every resource at your fingertips with the doohx Knowledge Base

A membership to The OOH Society also grants access to the doohx Knowledge Base, where we will catalogue our Masterclass content and host additional resources, including case studies, platform demonstrations, Masterclass playbooks, downloadable resources and more.
Whether you’re an industry veteran looking to upskill, a manager responsible for training and onboarding, or an OOH novice looking for the knowledge to succeed, The OOH Society is all you need to remain at the forefront of the outdoor industry.

OOH education – there’s an app for that

The platform itself works much the same as LinkedIn, where you can like, comment, search and tag across all the content – except The OOH Society gets rid of the noise of public social platforms and acts as a specialized environment targeted to the OOH industry and the professionals learning within it. 

And all that is available through the doohx app. Available on both the Apple App and Google Play stores, the app is a testament to our commitment to making OOH education seamlessly accessible worldwide.

Native content in multiple languages

More than that, we’re making all the content we release available in multiple languages – beginning with French, Spanish and Portuguese. Committed to inclusivity in OOH education, we’re releasing all our videos in a fully dubbed format that breaks down the learning barriers for some of OOH’s most exciting global markets.

In the dynamic world of OOH, one principle remains steadfast – consistency is crucial in education. With The OOH Society, we are not just matching the pace of the industry but are actively striving to cultivate the conversations that will drive it forward globally.

OOH has a new home. And we look forward to welcoming you to it.

Brooke Ermogenis
Brooke Ermogenis

Founder + Head of Insight at doohx