Broadsign Direct updates are here with new customization tools

April 30, 2021Rob Côté

Spring is finally here and there must be something in the air (besides pollen) because we’ve been hard at work building new features in Broadsign Direct to support your sales efforts. 

In this latest release, we’ve added a handful of features to apply best practices throughout the proposal creation process. From improved interoperability with the latest version of Broadsign Control 14.0 to supporting your approval process, this release puts flexible customization tools at your fingertips.

Supporting your internal approval processes with “Hold Requests”

Broadsign Direct was built for sales teams to sell OOH inventory in a smart and efficient way while supporting your business rules and sales strategies. 

For many businesses, this includes following an approval process, which is why you can now put hold requests in place so that inventory can only be reserved when the right requirements are met and have been signed off by all stakeholders.

A stronger association between Broadsign Direct proposals and Broadsign Control campaigns – without having to do extra work. 

To improve the interconnection between Broadsign Control and Broadsign Direct, we added two new features that enable you to search your Direct proposals, contracts, and line items in Broadsign Control 14.0.

Keep track of contract and proposal lifecycles with “Contract ID”

Coming up with a proposal name can sometimes be challenging. Now try to search for a specific proposal in Broadsign Control. Given that proposal names can sometimes be common, users should also have the capability to search for proposal line items associated with a proposal using a unique identifier. 

That’s why we’re giving you the option to require a Contract ID for every new proposal created in Direct. 

Quick tip: Imposing this field exposes traceability, meaning you can keep track of a contract or proposal lifecycle across your entire sales ecosystem; from your CRM all the way to your favourite CMS, Broadsign Control.

Improve searchability by standardizing proposal line item naming

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there at some point; blankly staring at our screen, trying to come up with a descriptive title for our document. 

Following a naming convention simplifies this process, which means no more wasted time. It also keeps documents organized, meaning they’re much easier to find, especially when you can triage to search at a glance. 

When a Broadsign Direct user creates a new proposal, they may want to separate their selected inventory into different proposal line items to better categorize them. In this case, the system will generate a generic name for each proposal line item.

In this latest release, Direct removes the hassle of inconsistent PLI names by enabling an option to create a domain-wide naming template. Enabling this feature will not only make it easier to search for a specific proposal line item in Broadsign Direct but will also help quickly surface PLI’s using the advanced search function in Broadsign Control.

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Rob Côté
Rob Côté

Demand Generation Manager