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Sell smarter and faster with a sales tool that syncs ad inventory with your network operations in real-time

exceed your sales targets with broadsign direct


Respond to leads while they’re hot

Maintain client interest and close more sales by following up on advertising requests within minutes.

360 degree view of your screens

With accurate, real-time insight into ad inventory availability, your sales team always knows exactly how much inventory is available, and where.

Deliver awesome campaign results

Maximize campaign ROI with easy search and targeting criteria to help find and select the best screens for your customers’ campaigns.

Intro to Broadsign Direct

Proposals made simple

Respond to RFPs and create proposals in a matter of clicks. Broadsign Direct creates client-ready quotes highlighting campaign pricing, audience demographics, screens and more.

Sync sales and operations

Streamline ad booking and scheduling with a platform that gives sales and operations access to the same live data.

Offer different pricing models

Create pre-set packages based on your network and audience. Quote in CPM, share of voice, or loop frequency to match whichever pricing model your advertiser is familiar with.

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Complement your direct sales

Broadsign’s automated, programmatic solution can help you reach digital media buyers and is the perfect complement to your direct sales efforts.

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