10 great resources for teaching media buyers about programmatic DOOH

November 4, 2021Rob Côté

The DOOH industry is attracting new buyers all the time, with programmatic DOOH in particular a great driver for newcomers to our space.

The thing is, media buyers don’t always understand programmatic DOOH right away. They often need a little help learning just why adding DOOH to their marketing mix is so beneficial, and what they can actually accomplish with the medium.

We hear from our partners all the time that they have to do a lot of education with their customers, and we wanted to help out.

With this handy list of resources from ourselves and some of our favourite partners, you’ll have lots to share to help explain what programmatic DOOH is and what its benefits are. We also included some cool examples of programmatic DOOH campaigns to help you “wow” your audience.

Get your buyers pDOOH certified with DOOHX

Shows an example of a DOOHX video

If you only look at one of these resources, this should be it. Created in collaboration with our own team, the pDOOH 101 course delivered by DOOHX is the very best way to dig deep into programmatic DOOH. Participants even get a certificate of completion at the end, which can be shared on LinkedIn or wherever else you might like to show it off.

Some of the topics enrollees learn about include:

  • What programmatic DOOH is
  • How pDOOH works
  • The cross-channel opportunity pDOOH offers
  • How to launch a campaign

Whether for your buyers or for yourself, there’s a lot of value to be had here. And, if you’re interested in getting started right away, you can click on through and get a special early bird discount of 15% off. Happy learning!

Access pDOOH 101, by DOOHX

Teaching the basics of pDOOH

If you’re not ready to hop in with a full certification program, we’ve still got you covered. Here’s a collection of some of our favourite entry-level content to share with buyers looking to learn more about programmatic DOOH.

Blog: What is programmatic DOOH?

Another one from us, this blog post offers a digestible but thorough overview of programmatic DOOH and what it has to offer media buyers. Among other things, it digs into why programmatic DOOH campaigns are effective, the different kinds of data that can be accessed to build and measure campaigns, and the different kinds of programmatic deals that can be made.

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Blog: OOH Advertising Can Amplify the Effectiveness of Your Entire Media Mix

Brought to you by our friends at AdQuick, this blog post focuses on the benefits that OOH advertising can deliver to your omnichannel marketing efforts. It’s not specifically about pDOOH, but since programmatic trading is one of the best ways to incorporate DOOH alongside your other channels, we thought it was worth including here.

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Video series: Programmatic DOOH University

If you love videos but aren’t quite ready to dig into something as meaty as a DOOHX certification, our Programmatic DOOH University series is the thing for you. We’ve got streams both for media buyers and media owners to learn more about how programmatic DOOH works to varying degrees of complexity. It’s a really great intro package and a low-commitment way for anyone to get their feet wet with pDOOH.

Watch the series

Getting buyers inspired with great pDOOH case studies

A good case study sheds light on a solution while also getting the audience excited and inspired. If you want your buyers to learn a little something about pDOOH, make sure you send one of these their way.

Video: Kylie Skin uses pDOOH for the largest billboard campaign ever

This campaign was everywhere when it launched, and for good reason: It was really dang impressive in its scale.

The team at Kyle Skin were able to use pDOOH to simultaneously advertise on billboards in 1,100 cities across the US, including in Times Square and on Las Vegas Boulevard. This was all done with our pals over at Adomni, who put together this video showing off the campaign. Really cool stuff!

Video: Foodora uses programmatic for more relevant DOOH campaigns

This campaign ran a few years ago and we still think it’s a great example of what programmatic DOOH has to offer.

Foodora was able to deliver advertising that changed creative based on the location where the ad was showing, and the call to action based on the weather. The campaign was hugely effective and is a great example of how programmatic makes for more relevant campaigns for buyers.

Blog: How Wokyo Noodle Bar increased sales by 54% using digital billboards

Wokyo Noodle Bar has a couple of locations in Dubai, and it set itself the mission of increasing the number of delivery orders it received.

Working with the folks over at TPS Engage, Wokyo was able to target specific displays, deliver dynamic creative that changed based on location and schedule, and deployed the campaign only during times when footfall was highest. The result: 54% month-on-month growth – in the middle of the pandemic!

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Going deeper into programmatic DOOH

For buyers who already know the gist of what programmatic DOOH can do, we’ve rounded up some choice content that gets a little deeper in explaining the ways pDOOH can be harnessed to generate real results.

eBook: The Media Buyer’s Guide to Programmatic Digital Out-of-Home

This is a pretty meaty eBook that collects knowledge and wisdom from experts from TheTradeDesk, Xaxis, Pattison Outdoor, Kinetic Worldwide, Adform and Scoota. It’s a great exploration of the unique capabilities of programmatic DOOH as a type of buy, and one that does a great job of bringing to light both the business and creative implications of the space.

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Blog: Three reasons why you should marry digital OOH and mobile advertising

Mobile and DOOH are at least as good a combo as peanut butter and chocolate, which is why we love this blog post so much. It’s a great primer on what is possible when combining mobile data and advertising with DOOH, especially when DOOOH is transacted programmatically.

See the blog

eBook: How to extend the reach of your next campaign with digital out-of-home

We really like this eBook from Broadsign Ads (formerly Campsite), which offers a deep dive into the ways that the DOOH-specific DSP can help media buyers extend the reach of their campaigns. A nice, practical look at how buyers can get their start with OOH.

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