Broadsign selected by ELAN Media to power screens in Qatar’s most prominent malls

November 7, 2017Samantha Brault

Leading advertising company specialized in crafting innovative campaigns to use Broadsign’s digital signage software to deliver impactful digital out-of-home campaigns across 240 premium screens

Doha, Qatar. November 7, 2017 ‒ Broadsign International, LLC, the leading provider of digital signage and digital out-of-home software solutions, has been selected by innovative advertising experience company, ELAN Media, to power their digital out-of-home network.

The partnership also includes integration with Quividi’s audience and attention analytics, which enables ELAN Media to accurately measure audience in real-time, giving brands the opportunity to adapt their messaging based on audience demographics and data.

ELAN Media, Qatar’s leading digital out-of-home media provider, is using Broadsign’s secure and reliable automated digital signage software to deliver ads and content to 240 screens located in high-impact areas, including the Mall of Qatar, Doha Festival City and Ezdan Mall.

“This partnership is a significant step for ELAN Media’s digital network, as it marks the introduction of real-time content management to Qatar’s advertising sector,” said Jamie Ball, COO at ELAN Media. “It is a very exciting innovation for the market and means that advertisers using our digital out-of-home platforms will be able to employ a new layer of context to better engage their audiences.”

The ELAN Media network includes dramatic, large format screens, located in shopping mall food-courts, hallways and courtyards, all ideal locations to reach ready-to-buy consumers. Since the network’s launch in December 2016, 70 brands, including Vodaphone, Nissan, Qatar Development Bank and more, have run campaigns on the ELAN Media network.

“Located in the heart of prime shopping locations, ELAN Media’s screens present an interesting opportunity for advertisers to reach ready-to-buy consumers,” said Maarten Dollevoet, VP of global sales at Broadsign. “Through our partnership, brands will be able to target their consumers with creative, contextual and impactful content, maximizing the results of each campaign.”

About Broadsign

Broadsign is the leading digital out-of-home (DOOH) marketing platform that enables brands, agencies and DOOH media publishers to buy, sell, and deliver DOOH campaigns efficiently, reliably and securely. Lighting up airports, shopping malls, health clinics, street corners and more, the Broadsign platform powers screens at the heart of people’s lives and delivers more than 11 billion ads and 30 billion impressions per month.

The Broadsign marketing platform includes Broadsign Control for content distribution, playback and proof of performance, Broadsign Direct for sales inventory availability and proposal generation, and Broadsign Reach, a customized SSP for programmatic DOOH transactions.

About ELAN Media

ELAN Media is a leading company specializing in crafting innovative communication and advertising landscapes across a mix of media channels to engage consumers and energize brands. ELAN Media is committed to driving innovation and excellence in advertising to become a first-class regional media company. It combines diversified advertising platforms including digital and static out-of-home, cinema, and online to deliver effective advertising and creative opportunities for brands.

ELAN Media has pioneered digital out-of-home advertising in Qatar by introducing the most advanced DOOH network in the region at Mall of Qatar, Doha Festival City, and Ezdan Mall. It is also the exclusive representative of Huffington Post Arabi in the region, Qatar Living, M’zad Qatar, Novo Cinemas, as well as other major online platforms. ELAN Media operates as a joint venture with JC Decaux, the number 1 outdoor advertising company in the world. ELAN Media is a subsidiary of ELAN Group, a dynamic and innovative company delivering world-class experiences in media, entertainment, events and city beautification.