Discover Broadsign Reach Header Bidder, the smarter way to work with multiple programmatic partners

July 27, 2022Kristen Theodore

There’s been an industry-wide shift and pDOOH adoption is on the rise. This is in large part due to how the format facilitates and automates the buying and selling of programmatic ads. We’re seeing more media owners embracing pDOOH transacting and incorporating programmatic platforms like Broadsign Reach (and other SSPs) into their revenue mix, a move that usually equals greater profits.

The catch? Usually, to work with multiple supply-side platforms (SSPs), media owners must split their ad slots between different SSPs. But this can be an inefficient way to go about things, and sometimes different SSPs don’t always work well together. Besides, media owners shouldn’t have to run their programmatic business across three different SSPs or block inventory from guaranteed buys. To minimize complications, Broadsign is introducing a smarter way for media owners to work with multiple programmatic partners.

The Broadsign Reach Header Bidder acts as an ad exchange between multiple SSPs and a single host SSP. So rather than sticking to the current (and clunky) process, which sees media owners reserving a dedicated slot for each SSP partner, Broadsign Reach Header Bidder offers a one-to-many programmatic solution. It’s all backed by our fair play auction, so the highest bid wins.

Check out the video below to see how it works:

Why this solution? 

With programmatic growth on the rise, increased efficiency and optimization yield management is only going to help fuel the pDOOH wave taking over the industry. As the saying goes, it takes a village and in order to stimulate programmatic growth — our ultimate goal — industry-wide collaboration needs to happen. 

That’s where Broadsign Reach Header Bidder comes in. This solution is especially beneficial because we’re seeing more media owners work with multiple SSPs —but to do so, they are required to reserve a separate HTML wrapper or container in an ad loop for reach, thus reducing the overall yield on their inventory. The Header Bidder combines pDOOH demand from multiple SSPs into one slot and chooses the winning bid to play based on Broadsign’s fair play auction logic. Furthermore, it’s natively integrated with Broadsign Control creating a smoother ad viewing experience for audiences. Broadsign media owners can enjoy features like gapless playback, screen synchronization, preemptible campaigns, and pre-caching for faster ad loading and optimization. 

Who benefits? 

Media owners running Broadsign Reach who are looking to consolidate their programmatic demand will undoubtedly benefit from this solution. Not only does it help streamline the process, but it also removes the need to work with multiple HTML5 wrappers. It frees up more ad space to create more guaranteed ad opportunities. It’s yet another way we’ve got media owners’ best interests in mind.

All sounds pretty great, right? Contact us today to schedule a demo and see how Broadsign can help open your inventory available to new buyers across the globe.