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Generate more revenue from your network with programmatic advertising sales

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Open your door to new buyers

Over 90% of media agencies buy ad space programmatically. Tap into this market through Broadsign Reach, an SSP designed to connect DOOH publishers with digital media buyers around the globe.

Complement your direct sales

Sell to your direct customers while allocating excess inventory to be bought in real-time by digital media buyers to fill 100% of your ad slots.

You're in control of your network

While automation takes care of ad sales, you still maintain full control of your screens with a solution built specifically for DOOH.

Approved Brands

Give only a select group of buyers access to your network.

Approved Creatives

Review and approve each ad before it plays on your screens.

“Programmatic availability will lead to higher spending on DOOH media, which is not surprising since programmatic boosts targeting ability, efficiency, speed of transaction and ROI” — DPAA

Accurate insight into network performance

Make informed decisions about programmatic inventory and CPMs with details about each bid digital media buyers place on your network.

Be a contender for big-league media buys

Specialty network or limited agency contacts? No problem. With Broadsign Reach, digital media buyers have immediate access to your unique locations and audience, making your network a contender for national ad campaigns.

Discover our SSP built for DOOH

Prove your network's worth

Show digital media buyers the true value of your network with transparent and detailed campaign proof-of-play reports.

Make your inventory available to new buyers across the globe

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Boost your next campaign with high-impact, digital out-of-home locations

Now available through programmatic ad buying

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DOOH is where your audience is

  • In clinics, waiting rooms and pharmacies while seeking health advice
  • In malls while shopping
  • In airports and train stations while commuting or setting off on a trip
  • In gas stations and convenience stores while on the go
  • In cinemas, sporting centers and public spaces while seeking entertainment

Contextually relevant locations drive behaviour, with one in five viewers changing plans to visit an establishment based on what was featured on a digital billboard.

Are you a media buyer or advertiser? See what DOOH can do for your campaign with this comprehensive playbook for programmatic buyers.

DOOH + Digital = Action

When added to a digital campaign, OOH produces the best combination of reach and consumer activity of all media.

22% of consumers search, purchase, or take social action within 30 minutes of exposure to an OOH ad


Make a Bright, Bold Impact

Digital ads stand out on bright, large format screens in prime locations and unlike traditional online media, digital out-of-home is always above the fold and unblockable.


Reach your Target Audience

For best results, target your creatives by location, interest, demographics or time of day. For even more impact, display variations of the same campaign based on any of these variables.

“While out-of-home is one of the original advertising mediums, digital advancements are continually introduced to give consumers the dynamic interactivity, social connectivity, and relevant local brand messaging they value” — IAB

400 million dooh impressions ready to engage with your campaign

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