How The Media Shop is using DOOH to create compelling campaigns in convenience stores & beyond in Australia

October 12, 2022Rob Côté

Beyond just being a flexible and cost-effective advertising format, one of the main reasons digital out-of-home is a favourite among media buyers and advertisers is its ability to create meaningful, lasting impressions among audiences and get brands noticed.

These reasons and more drive The Media Shop’s growth. Founded in 2007, The Media Shop (TMS) is a team of influential OOH specialists in the Australian outdoor advertising space, offering brands and advertisers the opportunity to reach audiences with their dynamic screen options in various environments. No matter what format is at their disposal, The Media Shop’s underlying goal remains the same: to ensure their customers have the best possible experience from their out-of-home investments. 

TMS is currently focused on building a network of digital panels in local and hyper-local environments. We recently sat down with General Manager Greg Power to hear more about this offering, the factors that set The Media Shop apart from its competition, and what role Broadsign has played in helping the business evolve. 

A broad network with myriad opportunities 

For almost two decades, TMS has worked hard with its partners to create compelling outdoor advertising campaigns. Before launching the company, founder and CEO Ronni Navani had been building a career for himself in the OOH industry. In the mid-aughts, he saw the potential to move away from the traditional formats and into the digital space. He launched The Media Shop to bring digital screens to the mainstream.

Here, Greg shares what it is about digital out-of-home that the TMS  team is most excited about:

From billboards to retail signage and roadside digital trailers to mobile signage solutions, The Media Shop specializes in creating local and hyper-local messaging to reach the masses. Over the years, the team has hit numerous milestones, including launching Australia’s first small-format digital screen network in convenience and petrol station environments in 2012. In 2019, The Media Shop took on the representation rights to operate screens in the 7-Eleven network all over Australia. More recently, they secured the exclusive rights to deploy small format screens in Coles Express, a network of 500-screens with a further 250 locations ready for deployment. Such a diverse media mix means The Media Shop’s partners benefit from access to an eclectic mix and broad network, able to reach people in local, everyday environments.

By investing in state-of-the-art digital signage technology with dynamic and full-motion video capabilities, The Media Shop’s offering means advertisers can flex their creative muscles and make memorable impressions wherever their content is published. Their network also offers the possibility of running real-time content and data feeds.

More than anything, the people working behind the scenes to create meaningful experiences for brands and their customers distinguish The Media Shop from its competitors. What’s driving The Media Shop’s success is a team passionate about digital out-of-home and dedicated to providing the best possible experience for all customers.

Here’s Greg on the business’s unique value. 

Igniting audiences with digital screens 

One of The Media Shop’s most notable DOOH networks is its IGNITE network, deployed at and in exclusive partnership with nationwide Coles Express stores, one of Australia’s leading convenience store chains. 

IGNITE’s 500+ digital displays are the customers’ first interaction with Coles Express, as the screens are installed right in front of the store, just beside the doorway. These screens create a valuable opportunity to connect with customers and influence purchasing decisions, as they’re already in a buying mindset. IGNITE presents an excellent opportunity for advertisers to launch dynamic or programmatic campaigns to reach people with hyper-specific and contextual advertising based on variables like weather or gas prices, to name a few. 

IGNITE is not just a solution for fast-moving consumer goods, though. This network reaches an average of 3.3 million shoppers per month at a national level, the IGNITE screens provide a fantastic opportunity for advertisers of all stripes. 

This is what Greg had to say on the benefits of their small-format digital network and why advertisers are drawn to it: 

The Media Shop and Broadsign, partners in growth 

As a company that’s grown rapidly since its founding, TMS understood the need for the best possible software solution in out-of-home. Partnering with globally-recognized leaders in OOH solutions such as Broadsign was the natural fit. The team operates the full-suite of Broadsign products, offering a convenient and efficient solution while helping to satisfy the needs of their partners. 

As the industry trends towards programmatic digital out-of-home, The Media Shop is ready to meet the demands from new and existing customers alike. With plans to evolve in the programmatic space, the team felt it was imperative to have tech leaders like Broadsign on board. 

Here’s Greg on what sets Broadsign apart: 

For The Media Shop, digital out-of-home provides the opportunity for flexibility, and that’s the true advantage to its clientele. Since its early days, The Media Shop has had its sights set on being considered a tier one OOH media provider. With numerous loyal partnerships, a growing inventory, and new customers recognizing the value in partnering with The Media Shop, it’s safe to say they’ve reached that goal. The only way left to go is up.

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