Why your next media campaign should include digital out-of-home

October 31, 2017Samantha Brault

Between working, commuting, running errands, and leisurely activities, consumers spend 70% of their time away from home. OOH has the ability to drive awareness, engagement and transactions at a time that many other media channels fall short.
When OOH is combined with other advertising channels in an integrated media plan, it is proven to extend reach, amplify a campaign and drive consumers to engage with brands, both online and in-store.

Impactful campaign reach

While a strong tool on its own, OOH plays a large role in the success of a multi-channel marketing campaign. It has been shown to increase internet campaign reach by 68% and mobile campaign reach by 316%.
With screens in the heart of shopping hubs, bustling train stations, busy street corners and more, a single DOOH ad has the opportunity to reach hundreds of viewers.
DOOH is also highly-targetable, which means that each ad is served to the right right audience at the right time. Campaigns can be targeted based on location, time of day, day of week, audience demographic and more.

Why your next media campaign should include digital out-of-home

Corona launched this dynamic DOOH campaign across London that used local time and forecast to reflect the city’s sunset.

Eye-catching creativity

What would Times Square be without it’s bright, bold, iconic lights? DOOH has become a staple in our lives and it’s creative capabilities allow brands to tell their story in exciting, eye-catching ways.
With large format screens, interactive content and prime locations, DOOH creates an impact that mobile and digital campaigns simply cannot recreate. When compared to these other channels, DOOH is perceived as being more tech-savvy and a better creative channel. Digital out-of-home also scores higher than any other media channel for offering dynamic, exciting and modern advertising environments.

Why your next media campaign should include digital out-of-home

Audi used beautiful, bold colours to catch traveller’s attention on a busy day in Italy’s rail system.

Engaged audiences

DOOH drives consumer behaviour with contextually relevant content. Screens are located in clinics while patients are seeking health advice, in malls while consumers are on a shopping spree and in airports as travellers set off on their journey.
A study conducted by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) found that one in five viewers have changed plans to visit an establishment based on what was featured on a digital billboard and 22% of consumers search, purchase, or take social action within 30 minutes of exposure to an OOH ad.

Trolls launched a campaign across UK mall screens to drive Blu-ray and DVD sales in HMV and Sainsbury’s stores.

DOOH now available through DSPs and exchanges

You can now access premium DOOH publisher’s screens through DSPs and exchanges to boosts campaign reach, improve brand recall and drive more sales.