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July 29, 2021Catherine Lee

We believe that managing your digital signage network should be as effortless as possible. That’s why our team has been hard at work to make Broadsign Publish even easier to use!

A bunch of great new features have been added to the roster over the past few months to improve the way you navigate, create and manage messages in Broadsign Publish. Here’s where you can get to know them.

Full visibility on user activity with Insights

Ever wonder if your templates are being used? Or how many messages a particular user is creating? The new Broadsign Publish Insights dashboard is here to give you full visibility into how your users are using Broadsign Publish. With Insights, you’ll have access to all of this in only a few clicks:

  • The number of messages created by each user
  • How many messages were created per asset type
  • How often each of your asset types is used
  • A trend line of messages created over a period of time
  • Detailed and downloadable data of your message history
  • A list of inactive users

Using the data provided from the Insights dashboard you will be able to evaluate which assets are working and which aren’t. You’ll be able to know which of your local users might need additional training. Insights will provide you with actionable data to make informed decisions about your network and its users.

Easier navigation with a new grid view option

You probably have better things to do than endlessly scroll through your assets. Our new grid view option is here to free up some of your time.  Available for both your inventory of screens and your library, finding what you need is now a cinch. 

Easily find your screens

Grid view lets you perform actions directly via the tiles. For your screens, this includes renaming, sharing, moving, and deleting, all in one convenient spot. There’s also a useful little information bubble that will tell you everything about your screen. All you need to do is hover over it to see XYZ screen’s details.  

Organize your library

When you use grid view in your library, you can preview, comment, share, rename, move and delete content right from the tile. If you need to, you can also download your assets with a single click. Similar to screens, you’ll also find an information bubble providing additional asset details.

Create multiple messages in a flash with asset collections

Let’s say your screens are in pharmacies and you’re planning on ramping up messages on proactive allergy tips and tricks because it’s pollen season. The thing is, your marketing team has provided about 10 different images that need to be added to Broadsign Publish, which means 10 messages.

Nobody likes repeating the same task over and over again. Your time is precious; we’re here to give it back. We’ve now made it possible to create asset collections, allowing you to upload multiple images packaged together in a zip file that can be published to multiple screens. This means you can save time by creating bundled messages all in one easy step.

User-friendly enhancements

We’ve made some upgrades to offer you and your clients a better overall in-platform experience. 

Have you seen that when a new version of Broadsign Publish is available you’ll get a notification at the top right of your screen? All you need to do is refresh your browser and you’ll automatically get the updates.  

Gone are the days where you need to manually type in a URL to get to your administrator tools. You can now access it simply by using the new button at the top of your navigation bar.

There’s a new and easier way to organize when your messages play on a screen. The drag and reorder feature lets you move messages right in the playlist. You can also randomize them if having a particular order isn’t important to you. Lastly, if you’re looking for more specifics on certain messages, you can now sort based on criteria which include: 

  • Owner
  • Duration
  • Create date
  • Associated screens
  • Start and end dates
  • Size

On the user management side of things, if you need to remove someone from the system, you can now permanently delete a user in lieu of deactivation. Having a clean database is always a good thing. Say goodbye to clutter. 

Lastly, the Broadsign Publish you know and love is now available in Dutch. (Fantastisch!)

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Catherine Lee
Catherine Lee

Product Marketing Specialist

Cat has been with the Broadsign team since 2020, specializing in go-to-market strategy, product positioning and messaging, and cross-functional alignment. In her free time, she’s probably building something, caring for an (absurd) amount of plants or playing Zelda.