Spotlight on StackAdapt DSP: Driving programmatic DOOH adoption in omnichannel campaigns 

June 6, 2024Kayla Caticchio

Data-driven campaigns have become crucial in today’s digital advertising landscape, extending their importance to digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising as well. More than ever, advertisers are demanding DOOH campaigns driven by streamlined execution, measurement capabilities for attribution, retargeting capabilities, and scalability. 

StackAdapt, a multi-channel programmatic advertising platform, is helping media buyers drive performance through  AI-driven campaigns. Operating in North America, LATAM, EMEA, and APAC regions, StackAdapt’s award-winning, user-friendly, self-serve platform is trusted by a diverse range of SMB and enterprise customers across verticals like B2B, healthcare, travel, e-commerce, and more. 

Partnering with Broadsign in 2023 amidst the escalating demand for OOH advertising, the collaboration unlocked new OOH inventory available on StackAdapt’s demand-side platform, providing users access to premium global screens in high-traffic locations that are available programmatically through the Broadsign supply-side platform (SSP). “Buyers are beginning to comprehend and lean in on the digital transformation trends occurring in the OOH landscape and take advantage of this impactful channel in their omnichannel campaigns,” says Michael Shang, SVP of Advertising Technologies at StackAdapt.

Technology solutions for the changing programmatic DOOH environment

Despite increasing popularity, programmatic buying and selling are still sometimes considered to be a complicated process. However, StackAdapt’s advanced artificial intelligence solutions and machine learning algorithms are helping dispel the common misconception, simplifying the process to make it more enticing for reluctant media buyers. 

Traditionally viewed as an upper-funnel awareness tool, DOOH now offers enhanced targeting, engagement, and conversion opportunities, making it a valuable medium throughout the omnichannel funnel. “We recognize the transformative potential of DOOH within the advertising funnel and are committed to reimagining its role beyond just an upper-funnel tactic,” says Shang. “With advancements in measurement and attribution capabilities, DOOH now plays a pivotal role across all consumer journey stages.”

By leveraging advanced measurement technologies such as geospatial tracking, footfall analysis, cross-channel attribution and retargeting, we empower our advertisers to understand the full impact of their DOOH campaigns. From driving brand awareness and consideration to influencing purchase decisions and foot traffic, DOOH’s impact can be measured and attributed across the entire funnel.

StackAdapt’s approach to integrating DOOH into the advertising mix goes beyond traditional metrics to deliver comprehensive insights into consumer behaviour and campaign performance, providing clients with the same level of granularity and optimization as other channels. Whether through precise location and point of interest targeting, optimizing creatives based on venue types and locations, or using bidding trigger tactics like weather triggers, DOOH campaigns ensure measurable results for advertisers. 

The platform’s technology analyzes extensive data using machine learning and AI to inform campaign optimization strategies. This allows for dynamic adjustments to bidding strategies, audience targeting parameters, and real-time creative optimizations, maximizing the efficiency of every ad dollar spent.

Partnering with Broadsign for seamless campaign execution

Given the global rise in demand for digital OOH, integrating with Broadsign offers StackAdapt clients significant advantages to capitalize on the dynamic DOOH advertising landscape. Media buyers benefit from streamlined integration capabilities through this partnership, resulting in more seamless campaign execution processes. 

“As a leading DOOH SSP and ad server, Broadsign offers scalable access to premium inventory, empowering our clients to reach their target audiences effectively and efficiently, translating into quicker campaign launches, optimized targeting strategies, and ultimately, improved ROI for advertisers in DOOH.”

Michael Shang, SVP of Advertising Technologies at StackAdapt.

Recognizing the importance of seamless access to DOOH inventory for clients, StackAdapt offers auction packages through its platform, providing access to a diverse array of DOOH screens powered by Broadsign. With auction packages, media buyers can easily tap into DOOH inventory without the hassle of extensive negotiations or complex setup processes. Curated to meet various client needs like particular venues, media owners, or packages with specific audience data layered on top, these packages are readily available as off-the-shelf solutions within StackAdapt – ready for implementation in just a few clicks. This allows clients to launch DOOH campaigns quickly, ensuring they can capitalize on valuable advertising opportunities without delay.

In March 2024, StackAdapt and Broadsign introduced a new auction package for their ad tech integration, simplifying the planning and execution of political digital OOH campaigns for StackAdapt’s US media buyers. Each package contains a list of selected premium screens available via Broadsign’s SSP, already approved by publishers for political advertising in the US.

By harnessing the power of data-driven insights, seamless integration capabilities, and curated inventory, advertisers and media buyers can stay ahead of the curve and achieve greater success when implementing DOOH into their omnichannel campaigns. As we look to the future, more collaboration between technology partners and industry players will undoubtedly drive further innovation and greater channel adoption.

Learn more about the value of auction packages and programmatic DOOH for your advertising strategy. Connect with us today! 

Kayla Caticchio
Kayla Caticchio

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