Reach audiences with data-driven targeting

Display ads across key touchpoints of your audience's journey. With audience-based DOOH, you can drive engagement, impact, and recall by delivering dynamic ads that are contextually relevant to your audiences.

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Deliver precise messaging to the right audiences with unified and objective mobile data

Target venues with the highest concentration of your desired audience segments with fast, scalable, and universal mobile data. In partnership with Native Touch, Broadsign Ads offers exclusive access to mobile audience data directly at your fingertips, seamlessly connecting OOH to the digital world.

How It Works

From data collection to targeting, here's how we profile every venue

Venue Creation

The first step occurs when a supplier's screen receives an ad request from Broadsign Ads, geolocating itself with a latitude and longitude.

Broadsign Ads then reverse geocodes that coordinate to start building a venue profile containing basic information. Venue boundaries are also defined to ensure the area we want to collect data from is precisely defined.

Broadsign Ads is now aware that this venue has an active DOOH screen, and we automatically notify our mobile partner of a new point of interest.

Mobile Data Collection

Our data partner starts collecting data from smartphones once audiences enter the defined location boundaries. This data is pulled from active application SDKs and APIs, and is continuously updated to remain accurate over time.

Data collected includes device IDs, languages, app IDs, age, gender, and more.

Mobile Data Analysis

This data is then analyzed and ultimately translated into 6 key audience targeting groups and over 190 personas.

Targeting Groups


Life Stage



Interest & Activity


Some personas include

Music lovers

Fine dining enthusiasts

Movie buffs

New parents

Business professionals

Young & hip shoppers

Audience Profiling for Venues

Data sets are sent back to Broadsign Ads, and we can complete each venue's audience profile. This means that for every venue available, we now know the precise audience composition of each screen.

These personas are then converted to targeting options in the campaign creation process. With Broadsign Ads, you can control the audience size and precision to match your budget spending goal.

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