Broadsign Summit SeriesThe Road to Revenue

“Open.” This is the key to leading the digital out-of-home industry down the road to revenue. Our SVP and GM of Broadsign Reach, Adam Green, explains why a programmatic open auction is the way for media buyers, brands and digital out-of-home publishers to reap the benefits programmatic has to offer. A part of the Broadsign Summit series.

About the video: For the most part, the digital out-of-home industry is still transacting in a private manner, or “programmanually”. While this enables buyers and sellers to have full transparency, there is no labour efficiency, no opportunity for buyers to stumble across DOOH inventory, and no price synergy. At the ISE Broadsign Summit in 2019, Adam shares his vision for the future of digital out-of-home campaign sales, and explains why a combination of private and open auctions is ideal for a balanced, more efficient and more profitable market.

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