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A smarter way to do OOH

By centralizing asset management and campaign booking for your OOH operations, Ayuda Splash lets you get more done with less effort. With just a few clicks, you can:

  • Easily store and manage all physical and logical asset data
  • Set up rate cards for digital, transit, and static media bookings and additional revenue
  • Specify inventory conditions such as unavailable, on-hold, moveable, or preemptable
  • Reduce cost and save time by avoiding double-entering of data across multiple systems

Grow your revenue with programmatic sales through Broadsign Reach

Expand your programmatic network presence by natively connecting your inventory into Broadsign Reach. Connected to 30+ demand sources across the globe, Reach will give you access to more demand sources than ever before, increasing your network value and programmatic revenue.

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Streamline your OOH operations and work orders

Get everyone on the same page with an automated, synchronized operations and work order system. In Splash, new work orders and maintenance orders are automatically distributed to the right operations managers for maximum efficiency in getting campaigns designed, printed, delivered and maintained on time.

  • Efficiently track copy stock levels
  • Manage and track ordering, reception of artwork and physical copies, transfers, etc.

Complement your OOH operations with an in-field application

Available on iOS and Android devices

Streamline in-field operations with Ayuda Post, a mobile app that automates in-field work orders for billposters, whether in-house or third-party.

  • Create maintenance tasks
  • Search for the work order by barcode search
  • Allow billposters to upload photos of the finished work for proof of posting

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Discover Ayuda Juice

Empower your sales team to work smarter by shortening RFP turnaround time and improving accuracy with real-time static and digital inventory availability. Then, generate branded client-ready proposals in only a few clicks.

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