Cloudy with a chance of awesome campaigns – weather moments now available in Broadsign Ads

July 6, 2021Samantha Brault

Weather – it’s everyone’s go-to topic for small talk. But in the digital out-of-home advertising industry, it’s part of a much larger conversation: moment targeting. 

Moment targeting allows for greater flexibility, out-of-the-box creativity and overall, more impactful campaigns. How? By using current events and real-world environments to determine when and how creatives should be displayed. 

We’re happy to now offer weather as our first moment trigger in Broadsign Ads (formerly Campsite)!  

Weather for improved campaign impact

The first way to use weather in your programmatic DOOH campaigns is by using it to alter creatives based on your business goals or the products you sell. This can be particularly impactful for brands in the food, entertainment and travel industries.

Delivery company, foodora, ran a great dynamic campaign that used weather, as well as time-of-day and location, to promote their two different offerings: delivery and pickup. As you might imagine, pickup is not a popular option when it’s raining, but by delivering that version of their creatives when it’s sunny, they saw an increase in in-store customers. 

Weather for smarter ad-spend

Unlike the example above, your campaign might only be relevant in some weather instances. Not a problem – this is a great way to extend your budget and only deliver your creatives when most relevant to the audience.

Skincare brand Dermalogica did just this. Using low temperatures as a trigger, the campaign aimed to educate audiences about the stress skin undergoes when exposed to cold weather.

Weather for brands who don’t care about weather 

Some of the most obvious use cases for weather moments are any brands in the entertainment and leisure categories. But even if your brand has nothing to do with weather, it doesn’t mean it can’t play a role in your campaign – and as a matter of fact, it should!

The most successful marketing campaigns are those that connect with the audience. By using weather to adjust your campaign creatives, you’re adding to the context in which your audience sees it, as Google did in this campaign.

Weather for social impact

As markers in the DOOH space, we often look at ROI, brand lift, and other KPIs, but it’s also nice to take a step back and look at how digital signage can be used for social good.

Weather moments can be leveraged by not-for-profits, social causes and other companies looking to make an impact, as we see in this campaign from Clear Channel and local government bodies. 

Using 19 degrees F as a trigger, the campaign would display the closest shelters for those seeking refuge in freezing temperatures. 

Weather moments now available in Broadsign Ads

So weather (ha) you’re a brand whose success is directly linked to sunny days, or one that’s relevant rain or shine, our new moment trigger can successfully increase the impact of your digital out-of-home campaign.

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