Digital OOH drives huge growth for home improvement marketing agency

June 17, 2021Christian Dion

Competition can be fierce in the world of home improvement and renovations. With hundreds of contractors to choose from, standing out from the crowd can be a challenge. And as the demand for contractors increases every year, finding time to market services and recruit people to do the work gets pushed to the back-burner. 

Contractor Nation is a network made up of hundreds of contractors, ranging from roofing and insulation systems, to basement finishing and junk removal. The organization helps contractors achieve success through dealership opportunities, business coaching and training, marketing and sales expertise, and team building tools. Treehouse Marketing, the marketing division of Contractor Nation, helps contractors cut through the noise to have their message heard by the right people, at the right time, in the right place. Through its BrandBlaster program, the Treehouse provides marketing expertise with proven results to contractors within the network, including more recently through programmatic digital out-of-home (DOOH). This partnership gives contractors the support they need to build brand awareness and bring qualified leads, with tremendous success.

Recruitment campaign results in huge growth

For many local service providers working with Treehouse Marketing, recruiting skilled employees to fully meet their growing demand can be a big challenge. When the organization started advertising using the Broadsign Ads (formerly Campsite) network of DOOH screens, it saw an 1100% increase in visits to recruitment pages amongst its clients. 

Because of its unique target audience, Treehouse Marketing is not your typical 21st-century digital advertiser, especially when it comes to recruitment. Television advertising remains a strong performer for the organization, as well as standard billboards and paid search. When they started working with Broadsign Ads on DOOH advertising, the results were clear.

“Brand lift over the last year has been the biggest we have ever seen, alongside our TV ads”

Marcie Cerillo, BrandBlaster Manager with Treehouse Marketing

Easy-to-use platform is key

For Treehouse Marketing, finding a Digital OOH buying platform that was easy-to-use, with outstanding customer service was key for their team to help contractors get campaigns up and running quickly. 

The availability of screen-level data allows us to tailor each campaign for maximum impact. It is easy to onboard any team member to the Broadsign Ads buying platform, fast to roll out a new campaign or modify a current one, and the dedicated team support and service are just beyond amazing.”

Marcie Cerillo, BrandBlaster Manager with Treehouse Marketing

Impressed by the results?

Curious how you can see results like Treehouse Marketing? Even if you’ve never tested out the waters in the DOOH space, book a demo with one of our experts to discuss your needs and plan your next campaign.