Broadsign Ads Financial Moments: Sync campaigns and adapt your creatives based on market conditions

November 4, 2021Kayla Caticchio

Following the success of Weather Moments, we’re excited to offer our second moment trigger within Broadsign Ads (formerly Campsite) – Financial Moments! 

Moment targeting uses dynamic triggers that sync data and context within Broadsign Ads, helping marketers run their most creative and impactful campaigns yet. With Financial Moments, marketers can use data surrounding the current state of the financial market to directly target consumers based on what they care about the most – their money. 

Financial Moments for brand safety

Avoiding negative advertising situations can be just as important as capitalizing on the good ones. When it comes to advertising based on the market, Financial Moments offers brands the flexibility to run (or choose not to run) campaigns during specific financial times. 

For companies like banks and investment services, avoiding bad associations when the market is down is a form of brand safety that shouldn’t be ignored. With Financial Moments, businesses can choose to play or pause ads based on the real-time performance of the market, like preventing certain ads from running during a dip. 

Financial Moments for investment opportunities

On the flip side, running ads for banks and financial services when the market has dipped can be a strategic move in getting consumers to invest their money. Brands should appeal to the emotional aspect of consumers potentially losing money to promote the value of their services when the market fluctuates. 

Marketers should also tailor their creative messaging to encourage consumers to take a look at their portfolios when there’s a dip in the market. Let’s take a bank for example: YoYo Bank could use a period of market uncertainty to run ads along the lines of “Keep Your Money Safe by Investing with YoYo Bank”. This creative can be rotated in amongst other product lines when the TSX doesn’t drop more than 3%. Alternatively, advertising certain services like mortgages or car loans when the market is up can also be beneficial as consumers are more likely to spend on these types of investments.

An example of a bank advertising their investment services through out-of-home during a market dip.

Financial Moments for Forex

Another great use case for Financial Moments is advertising around the value of currency trading, or Forex. Based on the value of local and foreign currency, marketers in industries like tourism and travel agencies can easily run ads that target people looking for vacation deals. Creative messaging can also be adapted to highlight the affordability of local commodities, activities, and lodging. 

If you want to go a step further into building a high-impact campaign, we suggest combining Financial Moments with Broadsign Ads Weather Moments to create the perfect messaging around a vacation. Why not run an ad promoting tickets to an affordable, sunny destination while it’s snowing outside and the currency is strong?

Financial Moments for high-value commodities

Any marketer should be looking at financial markets when it comes to running campaigns around big-ticket commodities. For example, electric vehicles are often associated with high price tags that can leave consumers going back and forth on if purchasing one is the right move for their wallets. 

Recent increases in crude oil prices, however, can be beneficial when it comes to advertising for these businesses. Oil price is tracked and made available as a financial moment within Broadsign Ads, helping brands to increase their advertising and share of voice when there’s an oil price hike. It’s important to remember that businesses shouldn’t only advertise during these oil hikes, but rather they should use these moments as a way to increase their advertising and SOV. 

Electric car brands can increase their advertising when the price of crude oil increases (Brent Crude: Change % Over 3% for the last 1M)

Financial Moments for Cryptocurrency investment

As cryptocurrency is volatile and price fluctuations commonly occur over any period of time, dips in the market present a good opportunity for marketers to advertise investment opportunities for crypto investors. 

Investment services and crypto buying platforms like Coinbase can use Financial Moments to promote their offerings when the right opportunity arises, in this case when the market dips relative to the rolling average. Newer crypto companies can also use these financial triggers to advertise and increase their SOV.

Financial Moments for online shoppers

A growing number of online retailers are using real-time currency conversion to create a more seamless buying experience for shoppers. With financial moments, advertisers can adapt creative messaging to trigger a direct consumer response and encourage them to shop when the local currency is strong. 

Let’s take hobby shoppers for example: running ads that promote bulk buying online can be a smart marketing strategy when the value of local currency is high. 

Start experiencing Financial Moments within Broadsign Ads 

As digital programmatic out-of-home becomes more sophisticated, advertisers should use financial moments to trigger creative and impactful campaigns that reach consumers wherever they are. It’s important to note that advertising around the state of the market shouldn’t be looked at as a way to capitalize on financial hardships, but rather to appeal to consumers during high-emotion moments to enable contextual and relevant advertising. 

Need a summary of this new Broadsign Ads feature? We’ve got you covered. Click here to download it or log in to your Broadsign Ads account to try it out today!

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Kayla Caticchio
Kayla Caticchio

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