Press Releases | July 24, 2012

Enmedio Comunicacion Digital Chooses Broadsign in Columbia

Colombia’s Premiere Network Operator Selects Broadsign Digital Signage Software

MONTREAL, July 24, 2012

Colombia’s leading digital signage network operator, Enmedio Comunicacion Digital, has elected to deploy Broadsign’s industry-leading technology platform across its networks, with plans for significant growth in the coming months.
Enmedio Comunicacion Digital operates advertising and corporate networks in Colombia’s most prominent cities. Its advertising arm, Enmedio Advertising Networks, has deployed over 1600 digital displays in more than 830 high-traffic venues across the country. Enmedio Corporate Networks, a managed services network, runs 150 screens for high-profile companies such as Citibank, Dupont and Coca-Cola. Together, its two business units reach over 28 million people monthly across a wide range of venue types such as office buildings, banks, shopping centers, airports, hotels, hospitals, gyms, bars, restaurants, universities, hair salons and spas.
Building on its success and driven by innovations in the fields of mobile convergence and interactivity, Enmedio is now set to expand to 2000 digital signs by the end of 2012 and well over 6000 displays by 2015.
“Broadsign’s superior segmentation capabilities allow us to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time,” said Enmedio CEO, Sebastian Obregon. “Their automation platform means our people can focus entirely on growing revenue rather than trying to solve technology problems,” he added.
“We are excited to welcome Enmedio to the Broadsign family and look forward to supporting their endeavors in the coming years,” commented Broadsign CEO, Brian Dusho.
“Our relationship is yet another testament to the strong ties that bind us to the South American market. We are proud to see Enmedio carry the Broadsign banner as they undertake their significant expansion efforts,” he concluded.

About Enmedio

Founded in 2006, Enmedio was Colombia´s pioneer in the Digital Signage industry and is now the absolute market leader. Backed by the second largest Newspaper in the country, it operates more than 1.700 digital displays in more than 830 venues throughout 14 cities.
Enmedio´s core business is DOOH Advertising Networks where it offers captive and highly segmented audiences to its advertisers. The current ad networks are Office Buildings, Shopping Centers, Airports, Hotels, Hospitals, Bars & Restaurants, Universities, Gyms and Hair Salons.
Profiting from it expertise and its growing national infrastructure, Enmedio is now also offering major companies a fully integrated Digital Signage service for corporate communications. The service includes personalized hardware, installation, network management and content creation.
Major media outlets in Colombia have recognized Enmedio as one of the most innovative communications and media companies of the present.