How ChargeEuropa is powering Poland and Croatia with DOOH-enabled EV charging stations

August 8, 2022Kristen Theodore

With gas prices and concerns around climate change at all-time highs, more car buyers are looking to make the switch to electric vehicles. A recent study conducted by Ernst & Young revealed that 52% of the worldwide population is actively looking to own an EV. There’s been talk of it for quite some time, but it seems as though consumers are finally ready for the electrification of the automotive industry.

But as more EVs hit the open road, the fact remains that these automobiles rely on electricity to get from A to B — and proper charging stations aren’t always the easiest to come by. As of right now, the industry is still in its infancy, though burgeoning, meaning that many municipalities haven’t yet included installation in their budgets or have the resources yet to justify building the infrastructure. 

Fortunately, pioneering companies like ChargeEuropa are stepping up to the plate by bringing free EV charging to two countries in the beginning stages of EV infrastructure development, Poland and Croatia. Through a small-but-mighty network of DOOH-enabled, ad-supported charging stations in premium locations, ChargeEuropa is able to provide EV drivers with accessible charging where they shop, work, or eat. At a time when more businesses across various industries are focusing efforts on green initiatives, ChargeEuropa is showcasing how DOOH can contribute to sustainable living.

Sparking change in Poland and Croatia 

Headquartered in Poland, ChargeEuropa was co-founded by Matt Tymowski, an entrepreneur with a background in clean energy. He teamed up with Euan Wheatley, whose past experience was instrumental in bringing the DOOH advertising component of the business to life. When the electric vehicle industry’s growth in other European countries was starting to find its footing, Tymowski wanted to do the same in his home country. And so, with the goal of installing ad-based charging stations across the country, ChargeEuropa was born in 2017. 

ChargeEuropa’s network now consists of 10 charging stations strategically deployed in high-trafficked areas such as shopping centre parking lots, in front of restaurants, or office buildings. Each of its Level 2 charging stations are outfitted with 65” touch-enabled, interactive screens that for now run exclusively ad-based content. Equipping its totems with DOOH screens fits neatly into ChargeEuropa’s broader vision of sustainability, given that digital out-of-home is also a more sustainable platform than traditional out-of-home.

For many companies, choosing to advertise on ChargeEuropa’s network showcases support for and commitment to sustainable initiatives. Not only do their ads help sponsor free EV charging and promote cleaner transportation, but they reach a wide swath of the population, both pedestrians and EV drivers. For the team, joining forces with exciting brands means the company can leverage these partnerships to expand its network. While this system benefits both media owners and advertisers, it’s ultimately the drivers who take home the most, given that ChargeEuropa is offering free charging to more people. 

The misconceptions about EV charging stations

While still in its early stages, ChargeEuropa has already seen early success. While plans to incorporate a variety of messaging are on the horizon, for the time being, its network runs strictly on ads. Because many brands are looking to boost ESG (environmental, societal, and governance) efforts, organizations that embrace sustainability are a natural fit for partnering with ChargeEuropa, but really, all types of brands and ads are welcome to fill up ad space.

That’s likely because the company doesn’t target EV drivers exclusively and delivers messaging that caters to foot traffic too. This is one major misconception around its DOOH-slash-EV charging station model — brands might be hesitant to jump on board, thinking that the charging station only reaches one set of eyes at a time. But in reality, retailers and fast-moving consumer goods can all benefit from this positioning as ChargeEuropa’s stations are typically located in retail parking lots and can influence last-minute purchasing decisions as a result. 

Another goal of ChargeEuropa is to emphasize the power of using touch screen technology. Tymowski cites a recent example in which an EV manufacturer ran an ad campaign as a lead generation tool. Passersby were invited to fill out a form, and a nearby dealership would contact them to encourage them to take out an EV car for a test drive. This campaign and others like it demonstrate what’s possible with using interactive digital signage to drive interest. 

ChargeEuropa and Broadsign 

One thing’s for sure, ChargeEuropa has its sights set on growth. To help support its big plans for expansion, the EV charging network operator looked to digital signage solutions that could help them bring their vision for free charging to life. Ultimately, the team went with Broadsign because they sought a gold-standard solution. CEO Matt Tymowski explains what went into that decision here.

For now, the company is still young and hasn’t yet leveraged dynamic capabilities, but it’s definitely in the cards. Currently, ChargeEuropa’s goals are to expand its network. Their ultimate goal? To be seen as more than just an EV charging network, but as a team with a pioneering vision, ChargeEuropa will keep evolving and stay in-the-know with market demands. With programmatic transacting becoming an increasingly important element for players in the DOOH space, the team eventually plans to onboard its network to Reach. For now, steady and sustainable growth is how ChargeEuropa is gaining traction in the domain.  The company intends to expand its offering, focusing its efforts on early-adopter countries that are relatively new to the EV space. By leveraging the power of DOOH, ChargeEuropa plans to monetize EV charging networks in cities that need it the most while providing their investors with a healthy ROI. 

What’s next 

As ChargeEuropa carries on its mission of powering vehicles, they’re showcasing how integrating DOOH with charging stations can serve many purposes, among them helping to promote cleaner transportation. Demand for EVs is picking up speed, so brands looking to meet consumers where they are can turn to pioneering companies like ChargeEuropa. 

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