How Oriental Sunrise pushes the envelope with giant digital displays

July 23, 2019Rob Côté

One of the best qualities of out-of-home media is its unmatched ability to catch attention. Large format billboards and digital displays draw the eye in a way that online and mobile advertising can’t, and offer an amazing canvas on which creative work can be shared with the world.

And that’s just in general. The largest displays take the concept even further, offering true spectacle for all to enjoy. Oriental Sunrise Media Group, which operates a network that includes one of these ultra-large screens, sees them as a special opportunity for connecting with large sections of the population through outdoor media.

sky-high dooh ambitions

Formed in 2011, Oriental Sunrise set its sights on becoming an influential player in the fast-expanding digital out-of-home space in China. Pursuing large-format displays, audience interactivity, and prominent public locations for its screens, Oriental Sunrise has succeeded in achieving high audience traffic near its screens and attracting top brands to display advertising on its network, including names like Audi, Lancôme, Dyson, and Samsung.

asia’s largest outdoor digital display

The jewel of Oriental Sunrise’s network is found in Chongqing, a city in China’s south. Its display there is an enormous two-sided, 3,788 square metre screen wrapped around the side of the Chongqing Guanyin Bridge Carnival Building. It’s about the size of nine basketball courts put together, and typically plays host to stunning video content delivered by its advertisers.

Its prominent location, facing Guanyinqiao Square, Jialing Park, and the entrance to an underground pedestrian passage, drives a fair bit of foot traffic by its screens every day, with about 500,000 pedestrians walking by daily. It also faces the city’s busiest main road, with about 350,000 vehicles passing by each day.


eyes forward to the future of dooh

As Oriental Sunrise focuses on building its network further, it continues to make premium real estate in bustling business sectors, as well as high levels of local visibility, key requirements for locations where it deploys new screens. Soon to come are new experiments to push the network with new kinds of integrations. This includes projects like synchronizing campaign playback with the performance of nearby fountains and LED lighting, connecting the screens to mobile devices, and other projects that increase the already considerable impact of the screens.

oriental sunrise media group & broadsign

Screens as prominent as Oriental Sunrise Media Group’s largest can’t afford to go down, and what’s more, they come with specific technical challenges that not every software platform is equipped to manage. Synchronizing media across the panels of the screen must be completed flawlessly every time in order to create truly stunning visuals. Meanwhile, integrating outside data feeds, as is required for complex campaigns involving synchronization with fountains and lighting, demands a platform that is able to reliably connect with those services.

To accomplish these tasks, Oriental Sunrise has adopted Broadsign. The Broadsign platform’s unmatched reliability and extensibility make it the perfect solution for managing huge displays and the exciting campaigns that run on them. The open nature of the platform, meanwhile, places practically no limits on the creativity of Oriental Sunrise and its advertisers, allowing the owners to focus on growing their network and delivering the innovative DOOH experience that will build their profile all across China. It’s an ideal pairing, and one likely to lead to exciting things for the Chinese DOOH market.

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Rob Côté
Rob Côté

Demand Generation Manager