How Pearl Media is lighting up Nashville’s Fifth + Broadway

October 28, 2021Rob Côté

One of DOOH’s best qualities is how compelling it can be. The right messaging and creative can stop a person in their tracks, using this medium to produce these kinds of results is exactly the philosophy that drives Pearl Media….and it’s why buyers looking to make a splash in Nashville turn to this marketing and advertising company for the help they need.

In the heart of the action

Founded in 2006, the Montclair, New Jersey-based Pearl Media began in OOH by transforming massive buildings into outstanding wallscapes and empty storefronts into immersive digital experiences. Still a leader in that business, Pearl has grown its capabilities by partnering with best-in-class real estate assets within major cities in the U.S to create effective, experiential digital signage networks. The team has developed a reputation for being visionaries in the digital space, creating unique networks that are curated specifically for each unique real estate asset. Their latest venture is a digital & static signage network at Nashville’s esteemed Fifth + Broadway development, which opened to the public in early 2021.

Displays one of the outdoor installations for the Fifth + Broadway project
Pearl Media operates OOH installations at Fifth and Broadway in Nashville

Located in downtown Nashville, Fifth + Broadway is an urban revitalization project with plenty to offer. The location includes a food hall, live entertainment venue, shops upon shops, luxury apartments, and a walkable indoor and outdoor mixed-use destination. Delivering all at once on shopping and dining elements downtown Nashville was missing, Fifth + Broadway has become a hugely popular destination for crowds of locals and tourists alike, right in the heart of Downtown. That means it’s a prime location for a digital network to thrive.

Currently, Pearl Media’s Fifth + Broadway digital network includes 15 displays: a large-format “Welcome to Nashville” LED display that overlooks the Lower Broadway strip, the L Street Live LED sign that sits above a wide corridor where people can gather, two large format LED screens at the district’s National Museum of African American Music, and 11 street-level kiosks, each of which is a 55-inch display. Partnering with Pearl Media in such an exciting destination hub allows advertisers the opportunity to reach an estimated 255,000 visitors weekly, who have an average dwell time of about 70 minutes in the district.

An image of the street at Fifth + Broadway underneath a giant ad for hard seltzer
Fifth and Broadway enables brands to connect with a large audience with a lengthy dwell time

An experience like no other

In helping to bring Fifth + Broadway to life, Pearl Media served as a consultant to Brookfield Properties, advising their team on all the necessary hardware, placement, back-end systems, manufacturers, and other items needed to develop a premier digital network. “One of our main objectives in the development of this network was to utilize the LED displays not just for advertising but to serve as a complement to and extension of the Fifth + Broadway experience, engaging and entertaining visitors while they enjoyed the many other benefits of this exciting new property, “ said Jen Almeida, COO of Pearl Media.

The large-format L Street Live screen and supporting street-level screens can complement whatever activities are happening in the area. Some notable live events screened here recently include National Hockey League playoff games and the Fourth of July celebration.

An example of a DOOH ad on location at Fifth and Broadway
The Fifth and Broadway installation is used to hype up local events

While events are being streamed on the “Live” screen the supporting screens keep ads running to ensure advertisers are continuing to get plays. Beyond that, the kiosk level screens also offer touchscreen capabilities which can be used for custom interactive experiences.

Pearl Media & Broadsign

To run this installation and other forthcoming ventures, Pearl Media needed the support of a software partner nimble enough to sync content and offer advertisers heightened interactivity. Given that this network contains several screens, all located a stone’s throw from one another, the team and its clients sought continuity with the ad rotation and displays, making room for cohesiveness.

For its ease-of-use and ability to make operating a large-scale digital network a cinch, Pearl Media entrusted Broadsign to handle this project. Beyond the software’s ability to meet all of their creative and technical needs, the team at Pearl Media appreciates Broadsign’s availability where customer service is concerned.

A large digital OOH ad displayed at roadside at Fifth + Broadway
Broadsign’s solutions and support greatly simplified building out the Fifth + Broadway installations

“We have ambitious plans for our Fifth + Broadway installations, and Broadsign offered us the flexibility to build out our network as we needed it, and the flexibility to adjust and grow as our needs change in the future. We have several screens all synchronized, and regularly livestream huge events to a custom resolution for public watch parties on our displays. I was able to build everything out by myself using Broadsign, and I’m excited to continue adding new technology to our network to bring more creative ideas to life in the future,” said Larry Curran, Digital Content Manager at Pearl Media.

Driven by the early successes of their Fifth + Broadway property, Pearl Media hopes to see similar results with their forthcoming 5 Manhattan West project, another Brookfield Property set to run entirely on Broadsign in New York City. This development features five interior LED displays, and one exterior media mesh over 100 ft. long and 15 ft. high. This plot is sitting over a large, heavily-activated, public plaza, a relatively new destination for outdoor space in the Hudson Yards neighborhood of Manhattan. This project aims to showcase a combination of third party ads and unique artistic content, and, together, Broadsign and Pearl Media have partnered up and plan to deliver some exciting work!

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